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Summary: A young mage with nothing left and much to do.

Severos Aven

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Gender: Male

Age: 27

Group: Sorcerers/Sorceress


Miekrannis College (defunct)
Aelmere/Zatar tradeship (Amanap Citizenship of Dual Lineage, Aelmere)

Severos is loyal to close friends that have shared much of his hardships or have been there in person. He is shares his fate with Orla and Horo, having befriended them. He still acknowledges mastery of Enanth Stormcrow, the former headmaster of Miekrannis College, as well as any other surviving members.


Journeyman of Miekrannis College
Adept Mage



Slim build, short dark hair, 5'6". Prefers to wear common clothes when not practicing the Art.


Severos prides himself on what knowledge he does have on his Art, always seeking to further his knowledge and those he can trust to not destroy years of work. Severos harbors a wary attitude to any who freshly approach him. While he doesn't wish to distance himself from others, he always fears of the eventual discovery of his possession...

A Tome of Darkness with an even darker fate that closes ever so slightly.

Brief History

Born in the Mih District of Amanap, Severos was the only child of a modest merchant house. Since early age, he was fascinated with story books of dragons roaring with flame in ultimate belligerence, knights whose pious deeds knew none superior, and the shattering of earth and heaven as great wielders of magic dueled to the death. This and his father's greatest collection of books would have him seek tutelage at the Miekrannis College when he began his adolescence.

Seven long years, Severos poured mind and body into his teachings, eventually succeeding at casting a Light spell. With proud and arrogant resolve, he believed himself ready for the College's true knowledge; a fantasy he regretted through the school's grueling Art courses. Capable of learning quickly and always seeking practice, he was one of only a modest few who were deemed potential Masters.

Chaos would shatter his world. With the war now growing in size, it was only a matter of time before the College itself would be targeted. Five years of tutelage had lend him an understanding of adventure, as well as the larger consequences of conflict. Much to his own regret, he did not join the defense of the grounds and was instead quickly stowing what books and scrolls he could from the libraries.

Severos stole away from a dark enemy he never knew into the fire lit night. He did not rest easy until miles of sea were the only sight one could and could not stand. It was here that the young adept learned of his grave and terrible possession: a spell grimiore containing the coldness of undeath. He knew it to be forbidden, but by its age he knew it to perhaps be a last copy of some old warlock. Severos knew better than to read from it lest he learned too much of a spell but vowed to carry the College's last forgotten lore with him.

Fate would have his grimiore nearly destroyed at sea, when fires eventually sank the ship he boarded. Only a few pages remained.

Fortunately for young Severos, he washed upon shore before he could die. Now earning coin to live to the day, he seeks only a new home. Perhaps, one worth having. He hoped to find that in the lands of Sarnia, within the village of Warfall. Tired and exhausted, he did literally collapse into the town common as his first day. Healed by the town cleric, Severos was quick to discover that he could not keep Forbidden Knowledge hidden forever and was forced to release his possession of the Mortith.

This did not come without consequence as the true purpose of the Mortith was revealed in a brief, frantic, but titanic struggle of wills between the body of Severos and the cold, unforgiveness of Galathus Kelmoran.

Severos recovered from this incident and continued to ply his way for coin by using his transmutation magic to trade. However, he became embroiled in ageless affairs once more; Horo Inu introduced himself even as the smoldering remains of a ghoul quivered half buried in the earth. And between them, the ghoul's precious cargo and strands to a truly spiraling web of complications and solutions.

The two would agree to work on freeing Orla from the pendant the ghoul had carried in return for stopping the return of the ancient lich. All would be unnecessary as undead began to attack the village that stormy night. During the chaos, the bonds of the Mortith were momentarily breached by the archlich in his attempt to banish Ursa Blacksong from within the Fortress of the Mind. Orla, Horo, and even Ceriden Malkaan would reunite; briefly Malkaan arrived during a heated battle with the spectre of the lich, managing to help Severos and Horo save the Blackwood Manor and Warfall by banishing the spectre back to the Mortith.

Since the recent uprising of undead in the area, no doubt brought by Malkaan himself, the necromancer parted with only a few words of quiet, but insistent advice for Severos before leaving the trio. Quickly, in evasion of the aroused interests of the Church of Sarnia, the group fled from the lands all together. Severos eventually settled in the forests of Karavoss, agreeing with the elves to use nature in building. Here he has remained since, knowing he must stop the Mortith from becoming unchained again.


Common Clothes
Journeyman Mage robes
Few satchel pouches
One hawthorne wand.
Common thatched robe made from the forest
Gnarled Staff of Willow


Severos is an adept practitioner of the Art and his recent experiences have made him all the more aware in his need to maintain it. While trained in the Schools, he is particularly fond of both Transmutation and Illusion, possessing rather definitive mastery of both Schools with the degree of a Dalen Mage; Evocation and Abjuration are his second tools of work when he needs to defend or attack, being an Adept in both.


Severos is not particularly strong physically, preferring the potency of his spells to aid him. While not outright fearing large bodies of water, Severos is deathly afraid of the ocean. He also fears spiders, believing them to signify entropy and the coming of dark fates.

He fears the loss of his body, having been possessed by Kelmoran briefly during Severo's encounter with Phronesis, The Sphinx, at the village of Warfall. The event happened when the wards over the Mortith were momentarily suppressed by anti-magic. The event has traumatized him deeply.

Severos has become obsessed with the Mortith, plagued by dark soul trapped within it. When away from the book for long periods, that obsession turns into a fatal withdrawal. At which point, he will do anything to return to it.

Favorite Sayings or Quotes

Never suffer an idiot in my presence but suffer ignorance.

I'm a wizard, not a...

Wrong choice, now see the right one.

Books are never lent, only given as a gift.

Never again... Never more...

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