Prelude to a Daring Rescue pt3

Horo led Severos to the back. Judging by the size of the door, and the closeness to where the exterior wall would be, the room couldn’t be very big. What Horo could have in there that could help couldn’t be very big. But when Horo pulled the sliding door aside the interior defied the laws of physics it was too big. Maybe even bigger than the library at (schools name here). Filled with shelves and shelves of items. The strangest feature in the room however was a Rhombicosidodecahedron. Standing at roughly Severos’ chin height it had an outer shell made up of decagons, hexagons and squares. The interior was made from the same shapes, though the mirrored surfaces and glowing structure caused the interior to go on for infinity.

Horo noticed the young mage looking at the strange structure. “Whatever you do, don't touch it.” he said, an order and not a request. “I can’t tell you exactly what it does but I do know is if you touch it you vanish. Could kill you, could teleport, could send you inside. But just don’t touch it.” he added. “You can look at all the other magic stuff I have around. You have time, it moves differently here. Just let me know if you find something. You know this magic stuff better than me. I just collect it.”

"From your days as a whimsical dealer?" Severos said as he eyed everything as a child in a sweet store. "My… many of these are old… is that-" Severos continued, stopping as he spied a cloak with very familiar designs upon it.

Horo shrugged as Severos whipped it off of the cloak rack. He beheld its fine appearance with a careful eye, excited as it seemed genuine. He quickly flourished the cloak and wrapped it around him, grinning when he saw that everything but the but of chest, neck, and his head that was exposed was now gone. The young mage smiled at Horo.

"Cloak of Invisibility," he finished. "Very comfortable too, powerful enough to stay unaware despite the fact that I stole your pants."

He turned back to the collection and sifted through some more, eyes settling on a mantle of purple and blues.

Horo nodded. “Something like that.” in response to Severos’ whimsical dealer. “A lot of it’s pretty old,” he noted, “some only here as a precaution to keep it from the hands of others.” Horo held up a hand before Severos could ask what he meant. “Not a greedy thing or squirrelling away priceless objects. But…” he gestured to the strange construct in the middle of the room again. “You know, well as any some things aren’t meant for the hands of mortals.” he said, finally finding the two things he was looking for.

The first was a seemingly ordinary cane, it looked almost identical to the one he was already using, save for the finish, the black of the cane was a more deeply mirrored black. The second was a small ring of Electrum and Damascus. “Here.” Horo called out to Severos. “Catch.” He gave it a light toss into the mage's hand. “Ring of Indomitable Will.” he said. “Just put it on and tell it your name,” he said, “We don’t know what kinds of powers this woman has and the last thing we need is having to fight each other.” he explained.

“Have a look at that display over there, not sure if you are a wand user, but from what I was told some of those are quite powerful.” Horo pointed in the direction with his new cane.

While Severos ‘shopped’ the large selection of wands and stave, Horo stowed an armless hand crossbow with a crystal embedded where the bolt should go before coming over to his companion. “We’ll need this.” he said, taking out an iron rod roughly a foot long with ornate horse carvings on either end.

“Good ol’ Immovable rod.” Horo said, putting into his inner robe pocket where it seemingly vanished. “Better than any lock.”

“And trust me. We’ll want some private time with this kidnapper. What’s her name again…Lucretia?” Horo asked rhetorically.

"That's what the drow said her name was... and who the documents say is Orla's slave owner," Severos said, answering even though the question was rhetorical.

Severos finished shoving as much useful gear as his bag could hold before Horo reached in and put one wand back on the shelf. “Except that one,” he said, “That one is defective. Don’t need you blowing off all your fingers mid fight.”

"My old teacher master Enanth could fix that wand..." Severos said.

"Not important right now," Horo said. "Is that all your selections?"

"These should be enough to handle that sorceress, but if she has allies..." Severos said with a semi-worried chuckle.

"Don't worry. I have a plan. Or loose plans depending on what we encounter. There’s enough letters in the alphabet to cover anything that could happen." Horo said, trying to lighten the mood.

“Ever the optimist.” Severos responded, hoisting the pack onto his shoulders.

And with that the two exited the shop at the end of reality and stepped back into the temple shelter.

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