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Summary: A young and foolish, but fun-loving Elf mercenary who seeks to escape the shadow of his father.

Vistlend 'V' Blacksparrow

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Gender: Male

Age: 47

Group: Knights/Warriors


Born within the kingdom of Aelmere, and has done work in various places around Aeran. Due to working with his father, V knows the region once referred to as the "Two Kingdoms", this being Verden and the Dalen remnant, well.

Loyal only to close friends and whoever happens to be paying him at the time.


The Black Sparrow



V is rather fit for an Elf, or any person, at that, baring a tiger-like frame reminiscent of his father. The afro atop his head has been well trimmed into a cylindrical shape, and the top is cut flat. He wears a set of plate armor that is only heavy where it counts, this being the torso and shoulders. He carries two Aelmerian blades, one a short sword and the other a scimitar, and a heavily enchanted crossbow, adorned with valuable metal bits, some for vanity and some to hold the ancient thing together.


Adventurous and fun-loving, if not a little foolish. When he isn't feeling sorry for himself for not being good enough to live up to the Blacksparrow name, he is loud but affable, and at times cocky and shortsighted. Lacks the "killer-instinct" his father was said to have but possesses his father's sense of adventure in droves. Works as a mercenary, though he tends to stay away from particularly unsavory jobs. With tutelage from his father, a talented and wise old Half-Elf, V has learned more than most his age, Human or otherwise, though he mistakes his learned experience for prodigal skill; there is a difference.

Brief History

V was conceived and born within the Kingdom of Almere during his father's tenure there. He was born to the legendary Mercenary Oruvand Blacksparrow, and to the young elven maiden Klairevoss Lazereth, whom his father copulated with but never married. As soon as V was of age to properly hunt, Oruvand began teaching him, and years later, would allow the young Elf to accompany him on some of his jobs. Dangerous though they were, the experience V gained was invaluable. It was then that he saw firsthand why he and his father's surname had grown to be known all over Aeran, his father was nothing short of professional. Even pushing 120 human years of age, the Half-Elf was a scrupulous and meticulous hunter, and seemed to have a rather strong aspect of luck about him at that. But, at the age of 138, complications arose, though in truth they had been there all along. Too many injuries left unhealed, too many wounds left unclosed, and the man would never give himself a break. His luck ran out, and his body gave way. He passed, and left the weight of the Blacksparrow name for V alone to bear.


-A set of plate armor
-Uses an Aelmerian scimitar and short sword in combat
-A couple of Blacksparrow stamina potions
-The Blacksparrow Crossbow, an old weapon held together by precious metals and enchantments, it's likely worth a small fortune. It was once owned by the Legendary Half-Elf mercenary, and V's father, Oruvand Blacksparrow.


+Skilled hunter, taught by his father who was a legendary hunter and mercenary.
+Well accustomed to his dual blades, and skilled in two weapon combat.
+A skilled improvisor, accustomed to getting himself into trouble and getting out just as often.
+A decent shot with the Blacksparrow crossbow, though not nearly as good as his father.
+Inherited his father's Eagle Eye, can see clearly for rather far distances.
+Has decent knowledge in potion-making.
+Has an affinity towards magic due to his elven blood.
+Has a basic level of knowledge of the Weave and how to tap into it, taught to him by his mother.
+Despite his usual lack of foresight, V can at times come off as rather wise, due to the large amount of experience he has amassed in such a short amount of time.


-Feels he has something to prove in order to live up to his father and the Blacksparrow name, this can lead to him doing risky or foolish things.
-Can be rather naive and foolish at times, despite his age, as an elf he is decades away from full maturity and still has a lot to learn.
-V is a reluctant killer, though has killed, he never enjoys it, especially if he believes his assailants might be able to better themselves. His father was said to have a certain "killer instinct", and could end a life without batting an eye; V couldn't be more different.
-Has a fear of small critters or creepy crawlies, and don't even start on the big ones.

Favorite Sayings or Quotes

"Your insults are but praises to these elven ears!"
-originally Oruvand Blacksparrow

"Maybe I'm just getting one of my feelings..."
-V Blacksparrow

" father would have been able to do this..."
-V Blacksparrow

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Image of Vistlend 'V' Blacksparrow
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