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Summary: The Diablo

Draken Darkward

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Gender: Male

Age: 129 (but appears 25)

Group: Sorcerers/Sorceress


Draken had once came from Verden as a criminal, now he wanders the land on his own terms, however he has similar interests as the Iron Queen.


The Diablo


Cambion-(Half Demon)
Through the time, Draken has changed greatly. His grey eyes have become golden and dragon like, his skin turned a deathly pale. His cheekbones stick out more, his hair has changed from white to a dark silver color. He keeps his hair long, mostly because he never gets the chance to cut it. Hr has two black horns growing from his head. He still has his athletic build of his younger days. However, his hands are blackened and clawed, the blackness cracks down to his forearms. He has two black wings growing from his back. He has pronounced canines and a black tongue, he stands about 5'9 in height and weights 200 pounds. He wears a dark cloak over his grey shirt and armoured pants.


He has changed greatly from his younger days, he is no longer the cocky, kind, and charming young man. He has become cruel without mercy, with a deep hatred for the church and everyonewho sides with it. He somehow charismatic and has ways to gain a following.

Brief History

He was raised in an orphanage since he was two. At age five he started pulling pranks, he finally became a criminal at age ten where he killed the owner of the orphanage, who tried to sell him out for using magic. He escaped to the forest with some of his friends, where made their home/base there. They became the most infamous criminals in the kingdom of Verden. He used to steal jewel and the hearts of women. Out of all his friends, he had done the most crimes out of the group. Then one day he left to mess with the Dalen Guards, came back to find his friends dead and his home destroyed. So he turn himself in, was about to be executed but was saved by Shade. Draken left the land two months after into the dark mountain. He came back able to use all kinds of dark magic and all types of flame magic. He had a dream to rule the land, however it was soon crushed when he was imprisoned, in which he later escaped when Dalen was attacked. He ended up wounded from the fight, his warden was able to get him to a small village. There he was nursed back to health, he lives in the village for some time happily. However it changed quickly when a group of anti-non humans warriors attacked and left the place in ruin. Draken lost the only place he had what he could call a family. He would wander around before finding a staff in the rubble of Dalen. He took the staff, which allowed him to use the magic within him to finally be used properly. He found the warriors and suck the life out of them, from that moment on he decided that all humans must disappear, one way or another. He ended up creating a spell called the Mark of the Acurse, inspired by stories of people becoming monsters by being cursed. The spell would slowly transform the marked ones into something darker. Now Draken wanders the land, killing or cursing all humans he encounters. That was until he saw humans suffering by the hands of the church. He changed his ways and started conquest against the Church.


The Shadow Blade-A longsword enchanted with shadow magic by Shade, Draken's Warden before he died.


Draken is skilled in horse back riding and swordsmanship.

He used dark and demonic magics that he has gained from awakening his demonic heritage
Being of demonic blood, he is immune to fire and has a resistance to demonic powers. He also heals at a faster rate then humans, about twice as fast, as well as his ability to recover from wounds better then others. Due to the wings he has he can fly as well.
He feels no pain and knows how to torture people in the woarst of ways, physically and mentally.


Holy magic and weapons are a big problem for him, due to the fact he is more closer to his demon side than his human side.
He suffers from PTSD, anxiety and fear of being abandoned. Due to this, he usually pushes people away from him.
He respects but also fears the Iron Queen.

Favorite Sayings or Quotes

"I bow to no Tyrant."

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Image of Draken Darkward
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