The Necrosis Wave

Deep within the land between Verden and Dalen reside a graveyard, a grand stone crypt at the center. Within the crypt let to an entrance to an even grander underground city. On top of a giant spiked throne, resided Necrosis's sleeping body.

A green light begun to glow in his skeletal eyes before it began to get brighter, the skelaton slowly straightened its body. Finally when the green light alighted the city, the sleeping lich realised a wave of green arcane energy.

The wave struck all of Aeran, in Verden many of the citizens felt a great sense of calm as the green waved passed by them, many panicked but were surprised they were unharm. In Dalen many mages found their magic tampered with, some gained a power increase while others felt drain. Karvoss was greeted by a buffer of magic energy, and in Zatar, many mages found their spells had stopped working for a moment. All the necromancers in Aeran were greeted with a boost of magic, a grand sign, The Necromancer King is awakening.
Joseph fell unconscious as the wave struck his mark, the burn glowing green and slightly healed from it. The magic having a more positive effect.
Z felt his magic increase in power, he looked where the wave came, "He's awakening." Soldor looked at the mage concerned, "He?"
Sabriel stopped as the wave passed by him, "Hmm, another player has joined this game of order and chaos, how fun." He looked down at Leo's burned corpse, "You are still needed, and no doubt is filled with rage." He began to cast a spell to revive Leo once again.
Za'Leer rode the camel towards the encampment of the Iron Queen with a hooded companion as the wave passed by them, the night elf turned behind him, "What the in hells?" He was confused by this magical energy that passed by him. "What was that?"
His companion didn't even look, "Something old is waking up, it's nothing to worry about."

He looked at the figure, "Are you sure?" He inquired. The figure chuckled, "I know what I said, come now, we have a Crown to meet." Za'Leer, puzzled by his words just nodded and followed him into the desert.


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