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Summary: The Necromancer King


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Gender: Male

Age: Ancient

Group: Sorcerers/Sorceress


In an old kingdom lost by time, was once in between Dalen and Verden
He cares for the balance of life and death, and acts as it's keeper. He wishes to see his long dead family and pass on.


The Necromancer King

The Precursor of Necromancy

The Broken Lord of Death


Human Lich
He stands 12 ft in height, he wears ornamental grey robes, decorated with spikes, his body is an armored skeleton, with large blades sticking out from his shoulders and his head like horns.


Necrosis wants to maintain the balance of life and death. He wants to pass on and seeks someone to take the mantle of Necromancer King/Queen. He is very calm and patient, however due to his old age, he can be annoyed easily. He never raises his voice, and never loses his cool.

Brief History

Necrosis was once a simple farmer, who lost his father to war, his mother to disease, and his sister to zealots. He invested into Necromancy to bring them back. However he became mad with power, and began to upset the balance. He founf love and had a daughter. Even then he didn't stop his quest, so the god of death acted, taking his family away and cursing him to never die till he restore what he has done. It took Necrosis 200 years of torment before he began to restore the balance.
He decided he could not pass on til someone took the mantle, so for centuries he taight many necromancers, captured many liches, and even build a necropolis. After the Kalemoran Uprising, he decided to put a seal on himself and enter a slumber, so he wouldn't go bad and destroy the balance he so desperately restored and protected.


The Staff of Necrosis- The staff of Necrosis was one of the 30 arcane staffs. It's the great magical staff of necromancy.

The Necroblade- The necroblade is a magical blade created to destroy both life and death and is one of the most powerful blades blessed by necromancy.


He cannot die, he is the greatest necromancer of all time. He has his own realm in the Endless Dark. He commands great undead armies, and is extremely powerful in the arcane.


He fears destroying the Balance.

He is losing his sainty, making him a ticking time bomb.

He refuses to interfere in any situation unless it threatens the balance.

He doesn't take holy or radiance magic well.

Favorite Sayings or Quotes

"Please Child..."

"The Balance must be protected."

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Image of Necrosis
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