Tale of Two Necromancers

Co-Written with Nim
Death's Library, Present
Necrosis quietly wandered through his ancient library, the crypt keeper silently reorganizing some books while the servant skulls continued to keep the library in a pristine condition. He gently placed his hand on a scrying stone, the black orb begun to glow the green of Necrosis. The orb soon adapted, images began to appear, a black book on blackened sands. Kalemoran's book. "There you are, fragment. Ironic you appear by her temple. I might not be able to grip onto you, but you have no power in that place." He ended the scrying, removing his metal claw from the stone.

He found his old stone chair, being a great lich, he had no need to sit down, but he always found comfort sitting down. His mind began to wander to ancient times, when he first encountered the necromancer Kalemoran.

The Grand Necropolis, 46 YBTR

Necrosis wandered through the grand, deep halls of the caverns, his undying guard not even making a sound as they patrolled the streets of the damp, ungrounded city. Everywhere the necromancer wandered, he was greeted with respectful bows from the deathless inhabitants. He simply returned their bows, and continued his walk, approaching the massive staircase that led to the surface. He sensed someone was at the entrance of the crypt that led to the Grand Necropolis. Necrosis descended up the stairs, with a wave of his hand, he removed the covering of the entrance, which was disguised as a grave wall with engravings of Necrosis himself. Stepping from the hidden door, he slid the door back shut with ease.

He could hear a voice speaking to themselves, followed by lonely footsteps. The Weave revealed that whoever was inside the crypt was a magic user much like himself, a necromancer. His body shifted into an ethereal form, green mist pooling around his feet, and he slowly approached the guest, who was oblivious to his presence. In the dim light, Necrosis saw a younger looking man who carried himself with much confidence and grace, seemingly unfazed by the gloomy, decrepit cavern. In his unnatural voice, he intoned, "Who dares enter the crypt of Necrosis?"

The mage whirled around, predictably caught off guard by the lich's arrival. "Rumors from the town nearby say this place holds vast knowledge of the arcane," he replied, quickly regaining his composure. "These rumors piqued my curiosity."

Necrosis grumbled in annoyance, before speaking once more, "You haven't stated your name."

"Would you recognize my name if I told it to you, oh ancient one?" the mage replied.

"Most likely no," the old lich conceded.

"Then of what use to you my name?"

"I would like to be able to put a name to a face should I ever hear of you again," Necrosis answered. "Also, you have intruded upon my resting place uninvited, and I very much desire to learn the name of my guest, if indeed there is anything you wish to find here other than death."

"Death is very much what one would expect to find when visiting a tomb…"

"Your death," Necrosis clarified.

"Fair enough," the mage frowned. "I am known in the land above as Galathus Kelmoran. I am an itinerant scholar. I have learned much in my travels."

The mage heard the sound of metallic clicking ecoh around him. The mist slowly cleared up, allowing the towarding form of Necrosis to appear before the mage, his leering skull locked onto the man before him. "Galathus Kelmoran, you call yourself a scholar, seeking knowledge. What would you have to gain from knowledge of the dead?"

Kelmoran had to take a step back to see the impressive creature that appeared, "Freedom from oppression. To allow people to be free to use their gifts as they see fit, to grow stronger." His words earned a tilt from the creature's head, "You come here, seeking knowledge of the arcane, to find freedom?" The lich became lost in thought, thinking for a moment, "You seek the betterment of others."

The young mage lightly shrugged, "You can say that." He suddenly felt cold iron grapple around his throat, his feet rising from the ground. Necrosis pulled Kelmoran up to eye level, "You should know, I can easily kill you right now, not even with magic, simply with my hand." He turned his hand back and forth, moving the mage's own head in the same direction. "I could end your very existence, but you should have known that. So tell me Galathus Kelmoran, do you desire the knowledge of the ancients for your ideals of freedom or your own benefit?"

Kelmoran gripped the metal covered forearm of the creature, gasping for breath, "I speak the truth, I come for knowledge for freedom."

Necrosis released the mage from his metal grip, dropping to the ground . Kelmoran began coughing before gasping for breath. The lich watched Kelmoran regain his breath, slowly rising to his feet. "You faced death without fear, promising."

"You caught me by surprise, old one, it's hard to face fear when you don't know what's going on." Kalemoran gently rubbed his throat where moments ago Necrosis was crushing it. "Why haven't you killed me off now?" He was greeted by a chuckle from the lich, "Killing off students is a thing time does, I prefer to have my students learn everything I can provide before death.""

"Student… it has been awhile since I've been a pupil, but I would gladly come under your wing and learn what you have to teach," the mage replied. Necrosis motioned him to follow as he descended the crypt, “Tell me Kelmoran, what do you know of the art of necromancy?”
The young mage looked up at his new teacher, “The basics in your standards, I thought I knew a bit more, but your mere presence tells me otherwise.”
Necrosis guided him towards the hidden door, sliding it away to reveal the staircase behind with a simple flick of his hand. He entered the doorway, looking at Kalemoran, “Come along now, Galathus. You have much to learn.”

The mage was given a sight that amazed him, a grand civilization, the Grand Necropolis of Necrosis. He could only look at the massive city before him in awe, Necrosis turned around to face him, “Come now, You’re only getting the far off view.”

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