(Ursa) In the Library of Shadows~ Part 02

The sound of voices reached her ears even before she had reached the door itself. The voices within falling silent as her hand touched the door frame to pull it open.

Beyond the doorway she was greeted by the site of a circular room with nine thrones of black stone placed symmetrical within. Each throne of immense size and fitted with towering spires and decorated with skeletal designs and runic patterns crawling across every exposed surface.

Seated upon each of these thrones in turn was a Lich of immense power dressed in long black hooded robes adorned with strange bone white designs and necromantic symbols. Underneath these dark hooded robes each of the Liches eyes were covered by ornate bronze masks fitted with great gemstones embedded in the eyeless masks and around their necks a black amulet hanging down over their exposed ribs, a glowing green emerald set at the center.

Beyond the thrones and the Liches seated upon them was the even more impressive sight in the shape of a pair of massive metal double doors standing three perhaps four times the size of the doors she had come through into the Library itself. The doors themselves were masterful creations depicting an assortment of arcane images and a central to these was a massive central image of a terrifying skeleton lord adorned in noble robes who wore upon his head a crown of blades.A creation of such artistic depth and masterful workmanship that she had no doubt that the image was intended to be the very personification of Death itself.

A quick examination showed her clearly that there were no obvious handholds nor means that one might have used to open these massive doors. Though after a more detailed study of the patterns and designs carved into the metal surface Ursa did manage to pick up on the relatively small detail that there were nine golden skulls fitted carefully into what appeared to her to be secure recesses spread out into an almost circular pattern almost like a halo around the head of the monstrous personification of Death that lay at the center of the double doors design.

The golden skulls were each adorned with arcane seals carved into the foreheads of each. Each skull in turn holding a single green gemstone fitted between their jagged teeth and each stone glowing with the same greenish light as the amulets worn by the Liches themselves seated on the great stone thrones. A glow that flickered and danced in a manner that suggested that it was alive mirroring the stones on the great metal doors.

Phylactery perhaps given that there were nine Liches and thus nine golden skulls used as the vessels for their essence made some sense after a fashion but to display them in such an obvious fashion struck her as rather odd. Perhaps the magic of the amulets were connected to the Skulls and thus being used to hold the doors closed or even perhaps used to hold the great doors closed.

"Welcome traveler."

It was a deep voice of such depth and gravity that the weight of it almost overwhelmed her senses. The sound of it filling the chamber like the waters of a great ocean washing through the chamber drawing her into it at once as it threatened to drown her.

Across from the chamber's entrance the robbed Lich seated upon the highest throne raised its hand in greetings before it continued to speak.

"Step forward and be known to us."

Ursa attempted to suppress her fear as well as the nearly overwhelming urge to hissed a long string of curses under her breath as she found herself drawn forward into the room almost against her will. Stepping forward against any and all good sense into the center of a shaft of light that had suddenly appeared overhead and pouring light down upon her from some unknown source high above.

" Speak your name traveler ? " The Liches voice again filling the chamber.

" Ursa..." She offered softly in as polite a manner as she was able. " Ursa Blacksong."

“Ursa Blacksong, your name is known to us. We have been watching and waiting for your return.” The Lich offered.” For days uncounted, for lifetimes unremembered and now you have finally arrived.”

Ursa felt that all too familiar sinking feeling in her gut. That same feeling she had felt often enough in her youth when dealing with the priests of the White Order. That sinking feeling she got when the lecherous priests of the White Order spent hour upon hour spitting out the New Church’s propaganda on the one hand while the other hand was spent attempting to maneuver under her skirts while she was forced to listen.

Her thoughts wandered for a moment as her eyes scanned for a possible means of escape knowing she’d find none.

Laughter filled the chamber as if several individuals had found some mild amusement in some shared joke.

“You are wise to weigh your options and wonder at the possibility of escape.” The Voice chuckled. “This however is a crossroads in life where destiny it seems has left you only two choices.”

“Two choices?” Ursa couldn’t help but wonder aloud.

“Two indeed... “ Another of the Liches spoke aloud as it leaned forward upon its throne. “ A simple choice traveler: To face the test that now awaits you or acknowledge you are not ready for the task and embrace your end so that the cycle of life and death might start anew.”

“My end as in death we can assume? “ Ursa stated plainly.


“So not really much of a choice at all is it?” Ursa frowned deeply knowing there was no escaping the situation she found herself.


“Thus if not death then some kind of test or challenge that if I fail I’d end up dead as well?”


Ursa nodded her understanding. “ I accept your challenge then...”

The Liches all nodded in unison speaking in one voice. “ Let the challenge begin.”


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