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Summary: Priestess of the Black Order

Ursa Blacksong

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Gender: Female

Age: 100+

Group: Priests/Priestess


Ursa lays claims no Nationality nor Loyalties beyond those to an Order of Priests and Priestess that are now all but gone from the lands.


Priestess of the Black Order


A Half-elven woman of fair appearance with pale complexion and long dark hair worn loose about her shoulders. Her eyes a pale blue that some say are the color of ice.

Ursa stands roughly 5'2" and tends to favor wearing a black tunics and breeches of black often adorned with silver chains and other assorted odds and ends.

Ursa also sports a number tattoo's made of sacred passages, phrases, and an assortment of arcane symbols recorded upon the skin for ease of memory in performing the arcane arts and casting spells.


Ursa does a poor job of acting the part of a Priestess or even acting like one who has taken the holy vows at all. She drinks, she gambles, she dances and plays the part of entertainer and storyteller at the many of the taverns and inns she has frequented over the years and she is well known for not being above taking men or women into her bed when the mood strikes her.

When it comes to her sacred duties and priestly responsibilities of facing evil however she tends to be all business.

Brief History

Before her death Ursa's mother had always described the girls father as being the most handsome of elves with long black hair and deep dark eyes. A warrior of no small renown but always nameless to protect some unspoken secret.

It mattered little however given that he was gone from her mother's life long before Ursa was born and never it seemed to return. Ursa's mother however clung desperately to the memory of him and the hope that he would one day return and lay claim to his heir. A hope she held onto until her death.

After her mother's death a local landowner had made to sell Ursa's family lands from beneath her to cover her mother's debts. A lie as it turned out, the truth of the betrayal uncovered only by chance by a Priest of the Black Order who took the girl under his protection until he could place her safely in the care of the sisters of the Temple in Warfall.

Ursa spent the next several years as an orphan of the Temple until her her pretty face and pleasant demeanor had won her no small number of would be suitors all of whom seemingly willing to pay her bride price until the day the Priest of the Black Order had returned to the Temple of Warfall seeking a novice to train.

Ursa was never really certain how she was selected given that normally the Priests of the Black Order would select a novice of the same gender to assume the role but after a series of tests of skills both magical and mundane it was Ursa who was chosen.

The War having come and gone taking both her Mentor along with countless other Priests and Priestess of the Order lost. Ursa had sought to return to her childhood home and put aside the spell and blade of her sworn faith but the Goddess it would seem was not done with her.


Some twenty years later Ursa finds herself hunted by the Loyalists of a corrupt Church and baring the weight of the curse of her bloodline and no knowledge of its origin.


Ursa has traveled a great deal of her life to answer the demands of her calling and the Church. Thus her packs contain the normal equipment one might expect for days spent on the road.

Cloths, Bedding, Kitchen tools, As well as the trappings of the faith and some potions and salves to address injury or illness.

Ursa also carries a silver holy symbol of her order and wears leather and mail armor when called for.

The Black Order is a Marital Order so in addition to a mastery of magic Ursa also carries an Elven Steel sword name 'Manbreaker' as well as a pair of steel fighting knives and a half dozen other throwing blades. Her pack contains pair of silver fighting blades blessed and magically enhanced for dealing with more unnatural threats.

Ursa also carries a half dozen tomes addressing the teaching of the faith and her own Journals as well as pens and an ink stone.

The Book of Psalms
The Tome of the Black Order
The Book of Potions and Salves
The Tome of Rituals
The Book of the Dead
Ursa's Journal

For her own amusement and to earn extra coin as they are needed she also carries a Lute that she plays whenever the mood strikes her.


A Priestess of the Black Order, Ursa is trained in dealing with the more ill favored elements of day-to-day life to include Curses, Restless Spirits, and assorted Undead, as well as other more or less troublesome issues.

Ursa has mastered some healing and protective magics as well as several useful blessings and curses. She is also educated in ritual magics to include some Prophetic rites. Speaking with the dead however is what her order is best known for.

Suprisingly to many Ursa can hold her own in a fight has also grown pretty adept over the years at wielding a sword or using combat knives and throwing blades in battle.


Ursa has encountered some things over the years that have left her scarred her both physically and mentally. ( The discovery that she is the granddaughter of a infamous Lich perhaps being the worst of these ) and while she can steel herself against the darkness during the waking hours of the day its at night when she is alone in her bed that nightmares come recounting the horrors of her memories.

Ursa has attempted to dull this weakness with drink and other substances but knows well the dangers of addiction and has found that more simply sharing her bed with another is often enough to keep the nightmares at bay. Unfortunately most would simply assume the worst of her character and seek to take advantage

Within the last several years the Church of Sarnia has declared that all members of the Black Order are Witches and Practitioners of the Dark Arts. The Church has placed a bounty on the heads all the remaining members of the Order.

Favorite Sayings or Quotes

" There's a trick to it, but than again there is a trick to everything isn't there ?"

"Words are the tools of Lairs..."

"What is not known can be learned, What is forgotten can be learned again..."

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