King of Necromancers ~ Part 01

Joint Post D2wintr & Endslayer


Necrosis frowned his annoyance at the realization that his thoughts had drifted once again. A soft sigh escapes him as his attention returns to the text he had been writing in before only to find his thoughts beginning to drift once again. It is then that he felt something had changed.

“What strangeness is this? “

The dreaming faded around him as his focus turned from his creation to its entrance. An entrance he had invested a great deal of time and magic to keep hidden and sealed.

“No, simply one of those aberrant creatures that you find wandering the maze from time to time. Like rats seeking out crumbs... ”

It was then that he felt something push against the magics holding the gate closed.

“Show me... “

The glowing green mist continued to pour forth from the dark void that lay beyond the open doorway.

Then after a time a vision took shape in the dark void that lay in the chamber beyond. A landscape of glowing green invoking the image of a great city could just be made out. The silhouette’s of beings both familiar and alien could be seen moving back and forth across that landscape.

The vision beyond the doorway seemed to grow and expand, with more details taking shape, becoming clearer to the eye, until the vision assumed crystal clarity. An image took shape within the vision before stepping forth into the chamber.

The being stooding twice the size of your common humanoid. Dressed in long flowing grey robes covered in runic black marks and symbols and framed by an all to familiar glowing green mist.

Glimpses of beyond the robe revealed a great, elongated skeleton form covered in ancient steel and small bladed barbs sticking out of the joints. Above it's chest, great blades rose out of it's shoulders like metal spires. Upon Its head a grand crown of metal spikes, twisting and turning much like the blades mounted upon the shoulders. An ancient eyeless skull poked out of the metallic bone.

As imposing as this being was, it's grinning skull didn't appear to show an expression of arrogance or rage often found on the faces of your common Lich but instead his was a tired and time worn expression. As if this being hadn't slept in centuries.

Necrosis stared down at the woman as it stood before the entrance to the realm beyond.

In a tired deep tone he spoke to her at last, "Who dares open the gates to my realm? One of Kelmoran's followers perhaps?"

For a time her world seemed to be limited to the haziness of blood loss and the pain of the dozen or so injuries she had received fighting her other self. Her thoughts only returning to the moment when the sound of the voice speaking down to her caught her attention again..

Ursa couldn’t help but chuckle at the very idea offering a bemused look at the thing staring down at her. “ Hardly a follower.“

Necrosis let off a sigh of relief, "Black Order of the Church. What a surprise." He spoke sarcastically to her.

He looked at the nine empty thrones and back at the woman, "Interesting that you passed a test that many of my students failed. Maybe if they thought they would die, they would have passed on the first try."

“ My mentor within the Order was always fond of saying that not only am I as stubborn as any woman he knew and too stupid to fail when I put my mind to completeing tasks that are none of my business.” She mused aloud taking that brief moment to look over her injuries and cast a healing charm upon the worst looking of them.

‘ If it makes you feel any better though. I literally have no clue how I got past that last part.”

The necromancer flicked his hand, the rest of Ursa wounds sealed themselves shut, before healing as if nothing ever happened. "Just being stupid and stubborn wouldn't have just let you passed that test, a test that even the most powerful liches have failed."

He examined her briefly, "You still haven't told me child, who are you. You are of the Black Order, you are quite young, yet there is something about you that allows you to make it here. Are you part of my curse?"

“ Who can say, I seem to collect family curses and bad luck honestly.”

Ursa had another one of those sinking feelings as she offered the Lich a quick upwards glance.

“ Don’t tell me you're related to the Lich Kelmoran as well?”

“ Related to Kelmoran…” Necrosis took a moment to reflect on the question. “ To be honest I’ve existed so long I could not honestly say with any certainty one way or the other. This said you have nothing to fear. Kalmoran is a blind idiot, just like many other liches seeking power." He lifted his head as if thinking, "Are you perhaps, Ursa Blacksong?"

“ The very same. “ Ursa nodded her head, pushing herself to her feet. “Hopeful, what you have heard is not all bad.”

"I wouldn't say I heard of you." The great skeleton finally took a full step out of the gate, realising a powerful wave of necromantic green energy. The energy itself hit Ursa, and rejuvenated her magical power. The door closing behind them as he stepped past her, leading the empowered woman out to the library, the skulls and the cryptkeeper politely bowing before him.

He lifted his hand, and a large bronze covered book floated towards him.

“ Show off. “ Ursa smirked as the floating text appeared.


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