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Summary: A rogue elf from Zatar


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Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Group: Rogues/Assassins


The Iron Queen and the Night Elves


Shadow of the Sands


Night Elf
He has fair skin, silver eyes and silver hair that goes down his head. He stands average height of most.

He wears the common fashion of Zatar, however his clothing has more protection from the sands of the Sea of Ash.


Za'Leer is inquistive. He believes of gaining things in return of giving something, mostly a night of passion. Za'Leer finds attraction in both men and women. He cares for his people and depises Zatar.

Brief History

Za'Leer comes from one of the many tribes that live in the Sea of Ash.


Zataran Blades and long Bow.


He is skilled in hand to hand combat.
He is a skilled assassin and rogue.
He is a master of stealth and assassinations.


He fears the fate of the Night Elves.

He will want at least one night with someone he find attractive.

Favorite Sayings or Quotes

"Here's the deal, I do this, and you share a night of passion with me."

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Image of Za'Leer
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