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Summary: A nasty servant of the Nameless.

Leo Bernanke

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Gender: Male

Age: 48

Group: Monsters/Threats


The Nameless


The Hive Master of Aeran


He stands 3'7 in height. His skin is tanned from years in the sun, however it is hard, like a tiny exoskeleton over his body. His eyes are a bit too wide for his head. His lips had a split in the middle, as if mandibles were forming. His hair is stringy and an odd greenish black color, it wiggles and moves down his back. He wears ragged insect infested grey robes. His hands, appear as if they were giant spiders acting as his hands.


Leo is very friendly and polite to everyone, even his enemies. He just wants everyone to join the Crul hivemind for the Namdless, believing it is the greatest gift. He is insane and can become very violent when things don't go his way.

Brief History

Leo was born in Haven, he loved a rough life alone and abandoned. One day he heard a voice that told him he wouldn't have to be alone anymore. That voice was Nameless and it led him to the Hive Staff. Leo was then greeted by the Crul Queen, Leo wanted nothing more than to join their hivemind, bow he travels Aeran to help bring people into the hive.


The Hive Staff-One of the 30 arcane staffs, it helps him summon and command insects.


He can summon and control insects, his magic revolves around insects. He can transform his body to take certain aspects of insects or his entire body becomes a swarm of insects. He can the abilities of any insect or bug. He can climb up walls and survive being cut in half, crushed, etc.


Fire burns away the insects incredibly fast, as does anything related to heat. He doesn't handle well in the cold.

He is afraid of failing the Nameless.

Favorite Sayings or Quotes

"For the Great Brood Mother!"

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Image of Leo Bernanke
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