Shade examined the crystal he got as payment for the Mortith, while looking through the old texts he was able to steal. His interest peaked when he saw a ritual that could benefit him, and all he needed was one of the crystals for it.

He thought about his revenge on Kalena, "Gods, I'm stupid. She is innocent, I'm just sour she came from the bottom and rose up higher than I could, and I got slaughtered like a lamb." Right then and there he scrapped his entire plot for revenge against the woman, seeing it as beneath him.

"Then there is Draken, and-" Shade felt a shutter, a presence he never felt in a long time. Without thinking he launched himself into the shadows. Following the darkness, he found the source of the presence, a creepy bug halfling fighting a dragon like orc. A Tor. They were very rare. He watched from the distance as the bug mage was destroyed by Ponce, who appeared much later, the fire-breathing creature and Ponce soon escaped.

He noticed the group of heroes inside, Kalena, Lafayette and some elf he didn't know. He saw they probably were not going to have a problem escaping the fire, but that bug wasn't dead, Shade knew better than that. He also knew where he felt that presence before, it wasn't that strong, but there was no doubt, "An agent of the Nameless."

Shade decided to return to his hideout, he had an idea, a plan, but it was not without some risks. Grabbing the book of the ritual and the crystal, he slithered in the shadows, and entered Kalena's home. He sat in the darkness, propping up the chair to where he faced the door, so whenever someone entered the room, they wouldn't miss him. The darkness spewed around him, like a black fog.

"Now we wait."


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