(Ursa) Fortress of Forever ~ Part 02

Ursa collected the seal in her hands, performing a quick examination of its aura that confirmed that powerful magics had indeed been used in its creation. Though it was also clear to her that those same magics had clearly been greatly diminished during its time here in the Endless Dark.

Offering a quick sidelong look back down the corridor, from which Ursa had come before turning her attention’s again to the seal she held in her hands whispering the words of another spell.

“ Id enim verba.”

There was a brief moment of uncertainty as the spell deciphered the ancient text carved into the surface of the seal. The words slowly taking on a meaningful shape as she watched.

“ Before there was time, before there was anything, there was nothing. And before there was nothing, beware the nothing that lay’s beyond.”

While the words were seemingly clear enough, any deeper meaning somehow escaped her while it was clear enough that “ the nothing “ referred to something specific

The records of the Black Order’s accounted for countless horrors that have and still existed in the world. In truth however Ursa could not recall any one specifically being or entity that was referred in those records as being called “ The Nothing.”

Ursa’s had only allowed her thoughts to wander briefly regarding the question when the familiar sound of sharpened blades being pulled from leather sheaths whispered softly from down the corridor.

Releasing the seal, Ursa quickly reached for her own weapons as she spun around, pressing her back to the stone doors as she scanned back down the corridor only just catching sight of a half dozen humanoid shapes at the very edge of her vision.

There was long silence that seemed to last an eternity before a whispering voice reached her ears, speaking in an alien tongue that she was only able to understand given that the magic she had just used to translate the words on the seal also translated the spoken language as well.

“ Gu'e kitrye vlos, usstan shlu'ta gow dosst stink dal ghil! “ ( Translated - Hey half blood, I can smell your stink from here )

There was an almost overwhelming desire for sarcasm, but Ursa knew well enough when she was being baited.

“ Fridj jalbyr waele tangi darthirii. “ ( Translated - Just another stupid day elf.)

A different voice said aloud. A bit of humor, it seemed that merited laughter from his companions.

“ Gaer zhah fridj uss de' ilta lueth rraun de' udossa zuelsul. Biu rescho p'obon .” ( Translated - There is just one of her and six of us Tracker. An easy mark. )

The second voice continued.

“ Dos inbal tlus tuvok ulu nindel yatharil propaganda ichl verve velve. Gaer phu' nau rescho marks ghil wun lil' olath.” ( Translated - You have been listening to that Priestess propaganda too long blade. There are no easy marks here in the dark place. )

The first voice spoke again in a more serious tone.

The party had advanced while they had spoke back and forth, coming close enough now that she could just make out their features. Ursa drawing back in horror at the sight of them.

Dark Elves.

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