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Summary: Beware the man who fell into the sky.

Ponce de Gezzadro

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Gender: Male

Age: 26

Group: Sorcerers/Sorceress


Once a resident of Verden. Now, not so much. Ponce's only loyalty is to himself, and that which he deems useful for however long it persists to be.


Ponce goes by whatever title befits him most at the time. To say he is a man of many faces is to say nothing. There is but one title that has remained consistent after all of this time;

The Sorcerer


Appears to be Human, but perhaps there is more than what meets the eye. Stands at an unimposing 5 feet and 8 inches, and has hazel-green eyes and a head of wild grass-green hair upon his head, sporting a fashionably questionable ponytail at the end. But this is but one form, suitable for the world he currently habits. Ponce's true form, forever changed by his Awakening, consists of fair skin, blood-red eyes, and hair as white as virgin snow. Of course, he can also change his appearance at will, so he may possess any of these features at once or completely different ones altogether.


Empathetic, yet tactical and driven. Ponce's mind is a tool tempered by burning rage. Through discipline, he has cannibalized his weaknesses and refined his strengths. In spite of this, Ponce still exhibits a fondness for simple things, good food and people, and open, mystifying spaces. This keeps him somewhat grounded. He is not one to underestimate his foes and doesn't think himself invincible nor beyond most adversaries, especially the ones that are truthfully competent in their own right, his pride lies in his will to do what must be done for the sake of what he believes in, and he will do whatever it takes to fulfill his cause.

Brief History

Ponce was born in Varland in 21 YBTR, but due to wars and instability, his family eventually moved to Verden. His mother died before the move, and he was left at the mercy of his abusive and militaristic father. Taught to fight and nothing more due to his father believing his son would be best-suited within the Verdish army, it was not long before Ponce began to want for other, greater things. His father was disturbed by his divergent desires, viewing them as signs of disobedience, and therefore requiring discipline in response. When Ponce's lack of freedom caused him to outburst, he received from his father the scar that to this day still sits across his face. At the ample age of 14, Ponce realized he had the ability to call forth magic through his emotions, his mother's final gift to him. He was a sorcerer. At 18, his father finally succame to a chronic illness and died. Though even with his father's steel grip upon him loosened, Ponce was still trapped by his rank as a soldier. At the age of 21, that fateful day came where he would be freed. After a series of unfortunate events, Ponce found himself the only survivor of his squadron of four, spared at the hands of a young Vampire-Ghoul named Gareth and a wise Wizard named Ceriden Malkaan. Ceriden made him a promise to nurture his magical powers and help him to become a better person and a greater Mage. This, unfortunately, was a promise the Wizard would not get to keep. Not long after their meeting commenced the War of Two Kingdoms, a bloody and vicious conflict, especially at the beginning. The three did their best to avoid any trouble, but soon they were intertwined in the mess as well. The trio was attacked by a group of Timber Crag Kingdom werebear soldiers, and though they put up a good fight, the three were eventually overpowered. Gareth was knocked unconscious, and believing him dead, the attacking soldiers left him as such. He would later awaken and, his only two friends nowhere to be found, seek shelter elsewhere, eventually running into the Wise One, Enath Stormcrow, where he would be taken under the old Wizard's wing. Ceriden and Ponce, however, were taken as prisoners of war. As Ponce had figured, Verden now saw him as a criminal, and would not be sending help for him. Ceriden was all he had left. Until even he disappeared from sight. Unbeknownst to Ponce, Ceriden had tried to save him, but presented with an opportunity to flee or die, the Wizard saved himself. He had intended to simply lick his wounds and return to the young Sorcerer, but with time it became clear that the might of the Timber Crag Kingdom was not to be underestimated, there was simply nothing he could do. While it would forever leave him with a heavy heart, Ceriden eventually moved on. And now, with his only two allies free, Ponce was to suffer for their transgressions alone. For years, the young Sorcerer toiled in torment. With time, his magic and his strength began to wither, as did his hope of the future he had planned for himself, and his dreams and aspirations of becoming a great mage. His will began to break, and dark thoughts began to cloud his mind. He persisted like this year after year, until the fifth year, when a mysterious man claiming to be an 'Agent of Chaos' came to him, uttering other phrases that he didn't understand and claiming that the downtrodden Sorcerer was special because he was 'Soul-Charged'. Following the otherworldly man's lead, Ponce slipped into a portal of twilight, leaving his world of pain and torment behind. Beyond it resided a Being who saw over the starry realm, one who offered him an opportunity to achieve a dream he had grown to believe impossible. His want for that dream, upon realizing it was once again within his reach, was all that drove him. He cared for nothing else, as the morals and aspirations of doing good that once drove him had withered to almost nothing. All that remained was his anger and his hunger, and once he had finally Awakened from his depression, he then knew how he would satisfy it.


- A colorless sword emblazoned with silver metal. Light that touches this sword seems to bend and refract slightly, causing strangely morphed images in its reflection. Beyond being neigh unbreakable, it doesn't seem to have any special properties.
- Usually concealed on his person is a small and compact blaster pistol, capable of utilizing an arcane energy source as well as, if necessary, the wielder's own soul energy to fire plasma-like magical bolts at high speeds. Powerful but taxing.
- Wears under his clothes a suit of a white, reflective off-world material that is capable of dampening magical effects. While it doesn't completely dispel magic, it allows for some resistance against it.


Ponce has knowledge of three different branches of supernatural abilities, these being; Sorcery, Psychokinesis, and Paranature. While these abilities would normally require an extreme amount of energy from the caster, Ponce's Awakening has bolstered his spell-casting skills and greatly strengthened his soul, allowing him to cast spells and employ supernatural abilities at a much faster rate and for much longer than any normal mortal.

Sorcery: Magical abilities that draw on the user's natural being, or their soul, or some other equivalent source of power, to bring forth magical effects into being. For Ponce, that seems to be exclusively lightning.

Psychokinesis: Supernatural abilities made possible through strengthening the mind to extreme levels. An adequate user is able to manipulate the world around them on a higher level. This branch consists of Telekinesis, Telepathy, as well as various illusionary, manipulative, and debilitating abilities. As a significantly bolstered, albeit natural biological process, these abilities require energy, just as moving or breathing does. Overuse will lead to physical exhaustion and fatigue, and if used far beyond that point, collapse.

Paranature: The most confusing branch by far, Paranatural abilities are those that by all accounts are unexplainable. Accounts of ghastly silhouettes, disembodied murmurs, and whispers with no apparent source, these are things brought about by pockets of paranatural energy, a source of power that stems from Ponce's master, the Being. Those who wield this power, though very few in all of the multiverse have ever experienced such a thing, are referred to as Parautillitarians. What all a Parautillitarian may be capable of is known only to the Being, as how the power functions is a mystery in of itself. Ponce is capable of only one Paranatural ability, which is referred to as Dreamshifting. Paranatural power is erratic, fluid, and illogical, so the best way of wrapping one's mind around it is to think in the terms of dream logic. What is willed for simply is, and one must sharpen their mind to be sure that what they conjure is precisely what they desire. Dreamshifting allows a Parautillitarian to fundamentally change or augment aspects of reality, the same way one might in a lucid dream. The catch is that what is meant to be changed only can be provided that it is not being perceived by any other conscious thing within that realm. Once the requirements are met, Ponce can transform the physical and atomical characteristics of anything he desires within reach, including himself. Of course, it doesn't work on other conscious people, as they are perceiving themselves at that point.

Ponce has dabbled in the art of Arcane magic, having been somewhat tutored by his former mentor, Ceriden Malkaan, however, he struggled to fully grasp it. Upon his departure from the world of Aeran, he left all of it behind, including Arcane spell-casting. Having trained and honed his skills to function as a formidable combatant, utilizing other forms of magic and supernatural power, Ponce believes he no longer has much of a need for it, and as such is currently incapable of it.

Ponce is a skilled spell caster and fighter, having honed his natural sorcerous abilities as well as swordplay and supernatural combat to surgical efficiency. Beyond that, he is also skilled in understanding how others think and how to use the mind of his foe against them, though he admittedly has a few tricks up his sleeve to aid him in that department.


Ponce's greatest fear is the possibility of his greatest goal being unachievable. But, as he is human, he will relentlessly pursue success until the bitter end, should it come to that.

Ponce's greatest weakness is his rage, though it also feeds his strengths, as it is where his power stems from. Any other weaknesses are far and few in between, these mostly being memories that are too painful to think about, otherwise any other weaknesses have been accounted for. Friends long dead, mentors long gone...

Beyond those, Ponce's supernatural skills can be extremely taxing upon him, and can even cause death if he is not careful. As such, when maxed out, Ponce's body requires plenty of rest and fuel to return him to his original strength, meaning he has to sleep rather often and eats like a starving wild animal.

Favorite Sayings or Quotes

"Chaos is the only way."

"I know what I want, do you?"

"Estaria encantado. I would be delighted to join you."
-Ponce de Gezzadro

"Remember, keep your emotions in check, for they are the source of your power."
-An old friend

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