An Audience of The Guardian

White mist leaked from the door. slitgering towards the cell. It filled the cell, taking the shape of a white robed figure. The being towered over everyone, even the half Tor.

It spoke in a soft voice, but it was clear as bright skys, "Ponce, the man of many faces. Horns, the Hunter. Awaken heroes of the Being, agents of chaos, and now prisoners of Vance." The being gave off a magical power, it was great but gentle, as if standing before the tree of life itself.

"I am know as the Anthema of Life, The White Lady, The Guardian, The King in White. I knew the Being, your master. I want to make an agreement with you two, we have a common enemy, called The Nameless, both of you have already faced its agents." The King in White loomed peacefully over the two, a calm feeling filled the room. So this was the Guardian Sabriel spoke of.

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