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Summary: It can be so fascinating, the unknown, that is...

Vance Blazzareth

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Gender: Male

Age: 328

Group: Sorcerers/Sorceress



Loyal to the Karavossian crown, but moreso his own curiosity.


Grand Dungeon Master Warden



Vance is a tall and almost impossibly attractive young elf. He has flowing white hair, which despite always being unkempt still manages to appear graceful. He wears the robes of his position, the Grand Master Warden of the Karavossian royal dungeon.


Vance is by all accounts, a perplexing individual. He is happiest when interacting with and observing his inmates, which in of itself is already a major red flag. He possesses a disposition of infinite charm and cheeriness, but his near childlike curiosity can lead him to commit rather atrocious acts on inmates, all the while beaming like a toddler playing with sand. He is always level-headed, and because of this, always seems to have a situation under control, and the number of times he did have a situation under control would be frightening to most. Vance is a slave to his curiosity, more than willing to break the rules and put his life in jeopardy for the sake of answering a question. Strangely, though, he still possesses a strong sense of loyalty, and while is just as willing to die to protect his people.

Brief History

Born in Zatar to a family of elven nobles three centuries ago, Vance has seen a great deal. He adventured for about a century and a half, growing wiser as he experimented and tried his hand at most things his life had to offer. It wasn't until he encountered a strange beast in the woods, though, that he discovered his true calling. Taking the beast down with the vast amount of knowledge and intellect at his disposal, Vance contained it with a spell, only for Karavossian officials to witness his feat just as things were winding down. As it turned out, the beast had caused great damage within on of the main Karavossian cities, and proved to be a challenge for the crown's war mages to stop. He was offered a position within the guard, and hubly accepted, bending the rules, often neglecting commands, and yet somehow, likely due to his charm, managing a spot in the dungeon as a warden, where he could benefit the crown without doing so much damage with his disobedience. With time, he shaped the dungeon in his image, all the while capturing and experimenting on stronger and stranger beasts and beings, his knowledge growing more and more over the years. The rest is history.


Vance possesses a great deal of magical artifacts and gadgets in his lab, but his most usual equipment consists of a grimoire, and a strange device called a reflection orb, which follows him around and can deflect, or reflect, many spells of a certain intensity.


Vance is an accomplished mage and scholar, and over the years has collected a great many gadgets and artifacts to aid him in his exploits of intellect. When in his own domain, Vance may very well possess a countermeasure for any possible magic effect that may be cast upon him, even at times to the extent of those godly or otherworldly, but these things cannot be moved, and as such, he only has such a boon when in his dungeon.


Vance possesses no fears, but his weakness is both his curiosity and his vulnerabilities outside of his dungeon. He is an accomplished and powerful mage, but mortal at the end of the day. He does not possess many offensive spells of great power either, and most of his strengths lay in preserving his own life, not shortening or ending those of others.

Favorite Sayings or Quotes

"Well, I wasn't expecting that..."

"How wonderfully perplexing..."

"What an unexpected answer..."

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Image of Vance Blazzareth
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