Rants of the Dark One

Wandering through the baking sands on Zatar, a lone dwarf with a peppered black beard and black robes rode upon a camel. Even though the sun should have roasted the man, he was unfazed by it. Stopping at a large flat opening of sand, the dwarf slide off the camel and walked to the flat area, the sand he stepped on turned black. He looked at the sky, "You better listen, brat." He inhaled before his voice became deep and loud, like thunder, "Ar, you lowly piece of shit! You get off that highchair of yours and help for once! I understand that rod is so far up your ass you can taste your own shit, so get off it, wipe your mouth, and help the King in White and myself kick out the mass of disappointment with no name! Once we are done, you can go back to being a moron! This is why your ex-wife left you, you self entitled, no good, stuck up, idiot of a god!" The sands around him had turned pitch black, he glared up at the sky, "Too good to listen to one of the oldest beings? No wonder you don't have any semblance of actual worshippers!" He fumed at the sky, "Prick."

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