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Summary: Like a river

Lafayette Le Renard

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Group: Knights/Warriors


currently unknown


No rank


Human Red hair, amber eyes, average height and build, long red hair


A man who sees himself as a larger then life figure. Loud, bombastic and cocky. Enjoys the arts, music, foods, and culture of this land. He speaks a slightly broken language sometime substituting words of his language for words he doesn't know how to say in this language.

Brief History

As a child his father abandoned he and his mother to join the military and repress the county he hails from, remarrying. At which point he almost died of starvation and illness. Though his mother was not so lucky, he took this hate and made it into determination to change things. He studied every written military strategy of his land learning how to beat them. Lafayette helped to lead his people to freedom. After hearing about another kingdom suffering the same hardships he set out by ship to help these people. After an incredible journey he was dumped out years in the future.


Has a traveling trunk that was been nicknamed the 'battle trunk' by Kalena. Holds all manner of things including tonics, elixirs, potions, smoke bombs, explosive bombs, irritant bombs (pepper-spray and tear gas like bombs, poisons, poison knives, and many other things as well as a few of Kalena belongings. The chest is rigged to explode if anyone but Lafayette or Kalena opens it with the wrong series of movements of latches and pins. Opening it will result in DEATH to anyone who does it and isn't Lafayette or Kalena.

Blink rune: a small artifact that allows short range teleportation.
Folding Sword.


sword fighting skills
skilled with several martial weapon
compound knowledge/chemist (creating things like smoke bombs and poison/toxins)


Losing his 'battle' trunk

Favorite Sayings or Quotes

Il est difficile de libérer les imbéciles des chaînes qu'ils vénèrent.

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Image of Lafayette Le Renard
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