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Summary: The Broken Assassin

Shade the Betrayed

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Gender: Male

Age: Died at age 37

Group: Rogues/Assassins


A demon lord by the name of Soularous, or whoever summons him


The Betrayed
Shadow of the Diablo
The Broken Assassin


Shadow Demon/ Wraith- Was a human but due to demonic magics he became a shadow demon after betrayed by those he held close.
Shade appears as a humanoid figure made out of darkness. He also wears a cloak made of the same darkness, his eyes glow a white color. He is about 5-6 feet tall, but it keeps shifting in size.


He is straightforward, honorable, always suspicious of people, cold hearted and distance.
Even for his ways he only wishes to live a peaceful life, but due to his bonds and curse he can't have that life. He wants to see Draken advance in this world.

Brief History

Shade was once a man named Jace, who worked as an assassin. However he lived during a time long before the fall of the Two Kingdoms. His guild ended up dealing with dark magics, Jace almost died facing some fey elves. When he returned home, his guild had been consumed by the demonic power and ended up sacrificing him to their god, which he personally met, made a deal and became Shade. He would later work with Draken until his "death" now he works as a demon for hire.


Daggers made of shadows, two hand crossbows made of darkness, and a poison kit.


He can use magics of shadow allowing him to use shadows to turn invisible, make weapons, and kill targets without detection. He is very stealthy, and silent when at work. In the night he is at his strongest.


He fears the death of Draken.
Sunlight or light magic weakens him, and he can be banished back to the nine hells by enough light, which causes him to burst into a puff of smoke when exposed for too long.

Favorite Sayings or Quotes

"Kings and peasant still have some thing in common."

"I know better than that."

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Image of Shade the Betrayed
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