From Peasant to Guardian


Two years had passed for her since she lost her only family, two years since she left Warfall, two years since she became the new guardian for the accursed box.

The heart beats within it had grown silent within the month, two years ago. However they have returned, first they were soft, when the weave was effected, now they have grown louder thanks to the green wave. She silently listened to the gentle beats of the box, while hiding within the alley, "thump thump.....thump thump....thump thump"

Even though Amelia, now going by as Willa knew whose heart was within, she couldn't help but be comforted by the sound, it was peaceful, gentle. Perhaps it contained a kindness not seen for thousands of years, or perhaps a gentle nature that was long gone from the world.

Whatever the reason, Willa knew the thing within wasn't one of evil, however the monster it was connected to was a different story. The world had enough monsters as it was, it didn't need that creature to appear.

She shifted her weight, inhaling in pain. She looked down at the bandaged wound to her side, "Damn Sarnian knight." The brutal crusader nearly impaled her, is she didn't move fast enough, the wound had healed nicely over the week, but it still stung. "Do they lance their blades?" She questioned herself.

Soon she heard the shuffle of guards, she tucked away the dark metallic box, and slithered among the crowd. Making sure none saw the box.

She kept quiet as she approached the building, she noticed her neighbors window seemed awfully darker than normal. She shivered when she thought she saw someone looking through the window, she quietly slipped into her hideout, disturbed.
Shade watched from the window, thinking. "With his heart in a, it can't be."

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