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Summary: Where did the innocent girl go?

Willa Verm

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Gender: Female

Age: 21

Group: Commoners


Kuz(Her deceased mentor)
Liza (A strange woman that stays in the woods)


Amelia(Old name)
Guardian of the Box of Horns


Willa is a young woman with bright red hair, fair skin and blue eyes. She has a small scar over her lip. She has grown some muscle since the two years after warfall, now having a more athletic build from alwqys being on the run or fighting. She is only 5 ft tall (1.524 m) qnd weighing 120 Ibs(54.43 Kg)


Willa used to be a sweet and naive girl. She still has some of her kindness since Warfall, however she knowns the harshness of the world, she’s doubtful to triat anyone, and is always on alert. She will do whatever is necessary to protect the Box of Horns. However she really just wants to find someone to sit down and have a family with.

Brief History

Willa was once known as Amelia, however she changed her name qfter the events in Warfall, when her guardian and mentor Kuz was slain in a duel with his old friend Tech.
Already lost her parents, and now her only family, Amelia stayed woth the other Blacksmiths, two dwarven brothers.
However one day, after speaking with a mysterious woman with a hair of green, she wrote them a letter of farewell, she took the box Kuz protected and left. She changed her name to Willa, and took some leather armor, a dagger and a sword, and has been on the run from magical and holy orders ever since.


An iron sword
A dagger
Leather armor
Iron bracers
Box of Horns
Traveling pack


Willa knows some combat skills, but not as great as some of the more trained warriors. She is more on par with a village guard, however she knows how to set traps for both mages and knights, allowing her to escape them time and time again, she also has surival, cooking, and slight blacksmithing skills.


She fears the orders acquiring the Box of Horns
She fears Tech
She fears the Church of Sarnia
She is a bit paranoid

Favorite Sayings or Quotes

"Sorry fellas, can't have this box."

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Image of Willa Verm
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