Cut hands

Willa awoken to the soft beats of the Box of Horns, usually the musical heartbeat would have soothed her, help her dream. That would be the case if the beats didn't sound panic and rapid. She knew what the rhythm meant, she quickly got up onto her feet, snatching the sword beside her bed as his bedroom door was smashed open, a Sarnian knight with ruined armor swung at her with his fist. The first collided with her gut, causing her to topple back.

"Two years, two bloody years, you have escaped my grasp. Two years since they deemed me unfit to call myself a knight of Sarnia. Now, I shall redeem myself, by bring your heretical life to the church, and that sacred box." The knight spat as he kicked her in the gut. Willa couldn't move due to the pain of the fallen knight kicking her in the already fresh wound.

He gripped her by the hair and threw her to the side of the room, the box's beats became slow and calm, cold even. "With this, the goddess can save this accursed land." Willa used her fear of his words to push pass the pain and project herself to the box, knocking him out of the way. She death gripped the box on its horn like spikes, slicing her hands.

Blood trickled down the box, the knight growled and gripped it by the otherside. "Harlot, give it to me!"
The elegant red symbols of the box began to glow a blood red, images of fire and destruction began to appear to the knight, red eyes beamed down at him, followed by wicked laughter.

A great evil voice boomed inaide his head, "Befall the crown, rise the forgotten, collapse of Gods, fear the horns!" A infernal symbol of a crown with horns appeared, within a spiked circle. The imaged burned in the man's mind. He realised the box in utter shock. Willa used this advantage to grab the rest of her things and flee from her hideout, using her cloak to her advantage.

She noticed a few men following her, witch hunters. No wonder that man found her. Her breath became ragged as she slipped into a tavern, blood dripped to the floor from her hands and her gut. In her daze she didn't really pay any attention to where she was sitting, she found a random table and slipped into a seat, exhausted. She caught her breath, calming herself, and looked up from the table, to see she wasn't alone at the table.

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