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Summary: The Coco Chanel of Aeran

Jocelyn Tailor

Gender: female

Age: 31

Group: Merchants




The Coco Chanel of Aeran



Red hair, green eyes, fair skin,


Perfectionist. Very serious about her work.
She is an incredible Tailor. Making clothes some of which are slightly enchanted to do incredible things like flow like waves on the beach, or glitter like the sun on the water, or faintly glow like the moon when its dark

Brief History

Jocelyn was once a fairly well known tailor, but moved to a small village for a time, to live with someone she loved. But things don't always work out. Tragedy befell the village and she managed to escaped with the help of a man she met there. Returning to the city she quickly made a big name for herself. Though most of her clients are richer people, she still makes clothes for more common folk.


Simple Dagger in a fancy leather sheath.


Tailor, dress/suit maker, enchanter (low skill)


Secrets being shared.

Favorite Sayings or Quotes

"I can make you look gorgeous."
"You need a makeover."

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Image of Jocelyn Tailor
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