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Solandriel the Gatherer

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Gender: Male

Age: 213

Group: Merchants


Born a slave in the Timber Crag Kingdom, now an itinerant merchant, Solandriel doesn't identify with any particular nation state. His primary loyalties lie with his spouse and the occasional friend they meet along the way.


Solandriel is a shop assistant and ingrediant gatherer for the potion crafting business he and his wife, Gerda, run.


Solandriel is tall and slender, as is most often the case with elven people.  Although naturally fair skinned, years of life on the road exposed to the elements has left him tanned and toned, with a few scars to boot.  Nonetheless, the agelessness of his people has left him with few wrinkles despite his trials and his typical attitude lends itself toward almost making him look young.


Solandriel was born a slave and has had loyalty to and dependence upon his master ingrained deep into his psyche. Despite years of being free to choose his own destiny, these teachings have led him to commit himself to those who will have him and make use of him. Although he is fully capable of learning and executing complex tasks, he struggles greatly with long term planning and prefers to let others do that for him. One consequence of this is that he tends toward being rather impulsive when he is forced to make his own decisions.

Those flaws aside, Solandriel is a loyal friend to those who he respects, and when given effective instruction, is extremely reliable. He also tends to be rather protective, especially of his wife, Gerda.

Solandriel is typically laid back and reticent; although he will make small talk, he prefers to get others talking about themselves and their activities rather than to reveal anything about himself.

Brief History

Solandriel was born to elven slaves that belonged to a lord of the Timber Crag Kingdom. For many years, Solandriel served his lord diligently and faithfully until his lord's supposed plot's against the crown were "discovered". His master was executed for treason and his property, including Solandriel and his father (his mother had perished several years prior), was acquired and sold by the state. Separated from his father in the marketplace of the Praitine Vale, Solandriel was eventually purchased by Zelorus Skycastle, wife of the Kobroran ambassador to the Timber Crag Kingdom, after which he steadfastly served as a maintenance worker for the embassy for several decades. During this time, he caught the eye of one of the embassy staff, a curious fellow by the name of Maelwin Karling, who eventually purchased him from Master Zelorus.

Now serving at Maelwin's also rather impressive estate, Solandriel did much the same kind of work that he had done at the embassy. As Master Maelwin was usually rather aloof and occupied with some business or the other (Solandriel had long learned from his first master never to pry into the business of his superiors), Solandriel generally reported to Maelwin's Head of Servants, a dwarven woman by the name of Gerda of Helfingarde. Although she had a tendency to be fastidious, much to the irritation of many of his fellow slaves and servants, Solandriel came respect the woman's intelligence and artistic sensibilities.






Solandriel's only consistent friend has been his wife, and he depends on her to craft the potions and manage the business that keeps them both alive. Without her, he would be lost.

Solandriel is not a planner nor an organizer, and he can often come across as a bit of an air head.

Solandriel is quite content with mediocrity and is generally unremarkable at most things, be that fighting, casting spells, climbing, or negotiating deals.

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