A Fortunate Failing

Liliana gazed only a second longer before reaching a hand and teleporting both women away. She memorized everything she saw at that moment. She would remember this day.

It was Gelt who greeted her. He arrived as the snap of reality reverberated around the room. He paused in the doorway, teleportation circle slowly shedding its glow. His gaze was heavy upon the two. "You have returned and yet I see you in such a state. Speak."

Lenora spat out a large proportion of blood, she wouldn't allow Liliana to take the blame. "I failed you. I was near seconds away from completing my mission, then Draken and a horde of demons arrived. They captured me, and tormented me. By the point Liliana arrived, the enemy had rallied up. Draken led the charge, he fought with Liliana. The Kragan are slaughtered, we are what remain." She crawled her way towards him, her bloodied body dragging across the flood, smearing her blood.

"It was my fault we failed, I accept my punishment. It was due to me that Liliana and the Kragan failed. Just get it over with." She fell to her side, splattering more blood a few feet from Gelt. "I have only one last piece of information before you destroy me; the nobles at Soldor's Bastion saw Draken's victory, they wish to make him king."

Her wounds were healing, but it looked like she wouldn't be healed until the end of the day.

"That's all I have, my lord. Please do what you wish now I have told you about this information." She laid her head on the floor, breathing slowly.

The heavy weight of Gelt's gaze slid instantly to Liliana. The mage slowly rose to her knees but no further. Sweat, dirt, and blood still caked her. Some was her own, some was not. She kept her head bowed to him, shoulders bowed at the dominance his gaze brought.

"It is as spoken, my lord. It seems that Draken's power has grown greatly since you last dueled him. He has truly Awoken, my lord, and is a terrible foe. But he is still young, his mind focuses on pain for his passion. It is a true passion that he seeks to right the wrongs he feels upon him and his allies. He is very..."

She fell silent. She caught the feeling that crept into her words, the admiration of power and strength Draken had strong with her since the battle. "He is strong my lord, and will soon have an army to rival even ours." She bowed at the last bit, awaiting his scathing punishment.

The red wizard gazed at the two before deciding. "Rise. Clean yourselves. You have both failed my mission to bring Soldor's Bastion to a weakened state. However, it is good that you have brought me this information. The plan is working in chaotic ways now. Despite your failings, we are closer to our victory," he said with decision.

The two women glanced at each other before slowly picking themselves up. Gelt did not stay as they picked themselves up, turning on his heel to stride away. His thoughts were heavy with planning. There would be good deal of thinking and observing of the current situation. He almost lost his Kragan to Aldous, had he gone any further into the abode. He would exact more care now.

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