Demons and Men

21 years ago, western peaks of the Dalen Alps, Sarnia
The snowy winds whipped at the man's face, he climb up the rocky side, he shivered at hiw cold his hands were. His sword swayed at his side, he heard the cries above him, "Don't worry, I'm coming." He saw the demonic runes at his home, years of slaying the beast he grew to understand their language, and the warning this fiend gave him. "Come to the edge of the Dalen Alps, in Sarnia."
His wife and daughter was taken and he would save them, no matter what.
He reached the top of the peaks, only to be greeted by his beloved wife and daughter crying, before them was a twisted beast.
It stood over him, standing twice the height of even the tallest of orcs, it's skin black as night, it's arms were the talons of a raven, two black wings flapped behind it, the large head of a raven sat upon it's shoulders. A long black robe covered it's legs, or whatever was underneath it.
The man pointed his blade at the fiend, "What you want, fiend?"
The monster chuckled, "Revenge, Purifier. You took my children, my family, I take yours." He snarled at the beast, "I will slay you like all the rest."

"I disagree, you won't be doing anymore slaying mortal. Nor fot a long time." It raised it's claws and blasted him with a green ray of light, he heard his family screaming his name.

Chris opened his eyes from his dream, one of the knights held onto him, "Sir Binsul, are you alright?" He gave a soft nod, and picked up his cane, "I'm alright, thank you sir."
He remembered going down the stairs, before having a coughing fit, he must have fainted from it. He straightened himself, the knight looked at him worried, "Sir, you sure you wish to meet the beast?"
Chris gave a nod before finishing his decent to the dungeons, "She has a name you know." He adjusted his glasses, the clacks of his golden cain against the stone floor sounded around the dungeon. Once he reach a certain cell ge waved at the guards, "Move away gentleman." His stoic tone quickly had the knights moving. He took a step before letting out a sickly cough, he pulled out a vial and took a sip of it, ending the coughs. He got up to the cage, "You must be Ms. Jynieth. Before you say anything I already know, Aldous summoned Soularous didn't he? I wish to speak with you about your, predicament. The head of this religion is a bit of a narcissist. I'm Chris Van Binsul, and I would like to make a deal with you."

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