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Summary: The Man Who saw The Face of Evil

Chris Van Binsul

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Gender: Male

Age: 56

Group: Priests/Priestess


Church of Sarnia


The Man Who saw The Face of Evil
Chris the Purifier
Warrior of words
Church Offical


Chris is a man of average height, who wears the nice suit of wealth and a fur coat. He wears glasses that hang from his face by a chain. His hair is peppered with greys on his black hair. His eyes are a dull brown and lifeless


Van Binsul was once a cheerful and lively man, now he is cold and stotic, his words carry a heavy burden and seep into all how hear them. He is joyless, but inquisitive. He can open his mind, seeing some of the rules made by the church being too cruel and too restricted, he puts diapolmacy before violence. He seems to have a great hatred for fiends, but some doubt these rumors.

Brief History

Chris was once one of the greatest warriors of the church, a renowed demon slayer. He was born from a wealthy merchant family and joined the church as a counter job after hia elder sister inherited the business. During his younger days, he slayed demons, devils, yugoloths, and other fiends. He earned the name Chris the Purifier after taking down a legion of fiends. When he was 20 years old, he was married and had a daughter. 15 years later, his achievements came back to haunt him. Not many know what exactly happened, or if it's any true, all expect the head of the church. The story is cultists kidnapped his family and murdered them, before cursing him, but that's far from the truth.
In reality, an ancient demon lord, from a order above the Nine, know as the Dark Court by some, appeared before him. Van Binsul's family was dragged into the deepest parts of the Abyss, while he was cursed by this monster, it's name forbidden to be spoken of, "Thurzal."
Binsul changed greatly, he was no longer a hero, and became a man of diplomacy over violence.


A golden cane
A wedding ring
A vial of medicine


He is a very diapolmactic man, who has a way with words. He can find compromise with even the most violent of conflicts, and his words weigh heavy on those who hear them.
He has rusted skills of combat, enough to defend himself, but not enough for him to be a warrior, he has knowledge of many things.


He is haunted by the vision of Thurzal and what happened to his family.
Demon Rot-A vile disease that can only be healed by powerful demons, Demon Rot decays the body, and causes other horrible effects, but most cases haven't been recorded to the end results.

Favorite Sayings or Quotes

"I think we can make be civil about this, a deal perhaps."

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Image of Chris Van Binsul
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