Image of Aranei and Milly Leogolor

Summary: Survivors

Aranei and Milly Leogolor

Gender: Females

Age: 30 & 24

Group: Commoners


Aranei: Wood Elf
Milly: human
Nugget: Chicken




Aranei: Wood Elf. burn scars on her body. dark skin green eyes and white hair. Always looks serious.

Milly: human, brown hair and eyes pale skin, far worse burn scars. one eye is even missing. much more gentle look


Aranei: Seemingly cold, but loving to her wife Milly. Not rude despite her outward appearance. Friendly to most in the village.

Milly: happy and warm. confident despite her scars

Brief History

Before moving to the secluded village 'ruled' over by Silika they lived in a larger town. Milly stayed at home while Aranei worked as a town guard. Until one day the church caught wind of their 'illegal' marriage. Aranei was returning home when she saw the blaze. Managing to save her wife Milly before it was to late. Both received several scares from the the fire. Though Aranei's were far less severe then Milly's due to her having been inside for far longer. Due to both law and pressure the people of their town slowly began to turn their backs on them. Eventually the pair heard of a town safe from those such laws and found their ways there.


Aranei: Old short sword from her time as a guard, not a great weapon but it does the trick when needed.

Milly: no weapons. she's not a fighter.


Aranei: decent with sword when she has to be but the damage to her hands makes it difficult when its cold.

Milly: Baking and raising her chicken Nugget


Both: losing each other.
Aranei: "The Church"
Milly: Large fires (cooking fires are fine)

Favorite Sayings or Quotes

Milly: "Have you meet Nugget?"

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Image of Aranei and Milly Leogolor
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