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Summary: A demonlogist becoming a vessel for the remains of ancient demons

Hamlet Garnell(Tri-Lords of Evil)

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Gender: Male

Age: 93

Group: Monsters/Threats


Tiekious, Zanoth, and Yagin
(All three possessing his body.)


The Great Demonlogist
The Demon of Sarnia
Tiekious-The Flaming Prince
Zanoth-The Duke of Darkness
Yagin-The Jester of Madness


Human (Possessed)
Hamlet's body has been twisted from what it once was. His once neatly combed black hair has grow long and grey, his fair skin has become twisted and grey, his handsome face was distorted into becoming skull-like and demonic. His hands have become blackened claws, one is larger than the other, his clothing is in ruin. His dark eyes changed to a milky white, they switch depending on whose in control, to flaming red (Tiekious), pitch black (Zanoth), and sickly yellow (Yagin). He is hunched in appearance, but stands 6'3 in height(1.91 meters)


Hamlet- Hamlet himself is a gentleman who seeks the knowledge of demonology to help the common people understand infernal creatures. He worries for the safety of others and will defend innocent lives.

Tiekious-Tiekious is a malicious force, wanting to cause terror and destruction to the world. He sees mortals as nothing more than weaklings, and only listens to strength and power. He loves to burn thing, crush items, and frighten creatures.

Zanoth- Zanoth isn't a being of destruction, rather a infernal being that feeds on desires, no matter how vile, darkness, and the corruption of morality. He is charismatic, tempting those with good intentions onto doing much more darker things, to embrace their more primal sides, to do what they desire.

Yagin- Yagin is a being of madness and plagues. He is unpredictable, insane, and laughs a lot. Often speaking in jibberish or nonsense, he is a very chaotic being only wanting chaos.

Brief History

Hamlet was the bastard son of a Verdenish duke and a Karavossian merchant. As a child, he was raised to be a fine man with a silver spoon in his mouth. However, when he was 15, he met an imp who befriended him. Hamlet learned not all demons are vile and so he began his journey to learn all about the infernal world and share the knowledge with all, joining the Black Order in their battle with the Church. However, during his journeys he ended up contacting the last essences of the Tri-Lords of Evil. The demon lords decided to use him as a vessel to regain their former strength. Now, Hamlet lives in an inner war with himself and his unwanted guests.


Traveling equipment
A rusted and corrupted holy sword
A black rose
A black diamond.


Demonology, knowledge of merchandises.
Hamlet's body has greater strength and agilty, able to crawl on walls and heal at a rapid rate.

Tiekious has great pyromantic abilities and fear magic.

Zanoth has powerful dark magics and can read one's desires.

Yagin has sickening power ovet plagues and disease, as well as the ability to drive people insane.
Normal weapons don't do much against them, they are immune to fire, mind, and pain magic.


Hamlet fears losing control or being consumed by the Tri-Lords.

The Tri-Lords fear death.

They can't enter holy ground, holy attacks are very effective.

Favorite Sayings or Quotes

Hamlet-"I only wanted to share my knowledge."

Tiekious-"Only strength matters in my world!!"

Zanoth-"Accept your desires, don't fight them."


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Image of Hamlet Garnell(Tri-Lords of Evil)
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