In the Darkness

Outskirts of Sarnia, two weeks after Grey Haven

The group of knights stood before the cave mouth that faced the village. This was the place where they heard so many reports about something killing the livestock of the farmers. The reports only reached the church when people started disappearing as well, while the few survivors spoke about demons, cursed cuts burning their flesh. One of the knights face their comrades, "This place smells of curses. Not to mention of death."

The other knights chuckled, "Perhaps it's a simple demon, nothing the Goddess's blessing can't handle." The others cheered with foolishness. Their joy was cut off by the sound of a weeping voice from within the cave, "" The knights immediately pulled out their weapons. One shouted out, "Come out, by the power of the Church!" They were only answered by the sound of clawed feet skittering away. They all glanced at each other, before light torches and ascended into the darkness of the cave.

The knights wandered for a bit, before finding a split between the cave, the ten knights looked to each side, their captain taking charge, "Four of you stay here, three go that way, and two follow me this way." The warriors of the church agreed, splitting apart.

As the captain and his two knights descended into the cavern, they notice stray bones and skulls of humanoids, and beast alike. Their swords were at the ready. They heard a shuffle to the right as they entered a opening. Immediately they turned to face the possible threat. Huddled in the corner, was a dark figure, mumbling in the dark. The captain noticed it's moldy clothing, and the great, mutated left hand. The stringy white hair hung low on it's shoulders, the captain readied his sword, "May the Goddess spare your wretched soul demon."

The creature let out a cackle, " There is more than one soul here, mortal, MAKAKAHAHAH!" The captain jumped back in fear as the skeletal face of the man stared into his soul, his eyes glowing a sickly yellow. As it's jaw dropped open, a swarm of flies flooded out, consuming the three knights, their flesh being consumed by the unholy insects. "One, two, three you're souls are MINE!" The flies swarmed by up, before reentering the mouth of the monster. Nothing but bones remained of the three knights. The eyes of the monster shifted to a pitch black, "My turn brother~"

As the three knights ascended the cave's halls, one heard a sweet voice speak into his ears, the sound of his beloved wife. "My darling, Ghallus plans to murder you. He whispered into my ear as he forced himself on me, he wishes to take us apart." Even though the voice shouldn't be possible, the knight couldn't help but believe them as his own wife, even with the twisted echo after her words. His eyes slowly glazed over in a dark haze. Lifting his blade, he plunged it into the back of his brother, the fellow knight gasping as his heart was sliced. As he collapse, the knight in the front turned around, "Darius, what are you doing!?" He shouted at his comrade in confusion, only for him to stab him straight in the head through the visor. The twisted voice of the knight's voice spoke before him, "Well done my darling, come. Take your helmet off. Let me kiss you~" The knight did as he was told, as he approached what he saw was in his wife, wearing the same wedding gown as their wedding day. As he lowered his head, his supposed wife kissed him. Though he didn't taste her sweet breath, instead, he tasted death and decayed, and soon his very breath was being sucked away. As his eyes snapped open, awaken from the charm, he watched as his wife's face decayed away to reveal the demonic visage of the skeletal demon, this time with pitch black eyes. The knight was sucked out of all life, becoming nothing more than a skeleton, the demon wiped it's mouth. "Brother, it is your turn~"

The four remaining knights heard the cries of their brothers in arms, followed by the sinister chuckles from the darkness, one clutched her weapon in fear, she wasn't supposed to be here, she disguised herself in hopes of proving the church women were in fact useful to their cause. She heard the silent gasp of the other knights as their lights flickered, when the fire returned, the demonic creature was before them, flaming red eyes glowing from it's sockets. "TREMBLE MORTALS AT MY TERROR!" It boomed with a voice great as thunder. It brought it's claw down on the first knight before it, consuming him in flames, he screamed in agony. It cackled with malice as it proceeded to rip apart the other two knights, leaving the woman alone with this beast, she fell on her back, her helmet falling off, giving her a better sight as the monster feasted on the corpses of the same men she followed. It's eyes flickered to her, however they were now a milky white, "I warned you. Go. Escape while you can!" The voice became hoarse, terrified even. She took her chance to run, hearing the infernal screams of the possessed man, she had to warn the church, about the demon, this threat to the people. She escaped, hearing the chuckles of the creature, the three other voices all in union calling to her, "See you soon Abagail!" The Tri-Lords lived, and they desired revenge.

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