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Summary: An old, powerful lich with one final bone to pick

Galathus Kelmoran

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Gender: Male

Age: ???

Group: Sorcerers/Sorceress


To himself and his cause


Dread Lord of Undeath
Archmage of Dalen (former)
Self-appointed King of Dalen


Human, desiccated and slightly mummified from lichdom


Kelmoran is very much changed from his younger days, having been entombed within his phylactery for over a century. He feels betrayed by many and has grown paranoid as a result. His vision for a greater Dalen has turned darker, vengeance against those who betrayed him. He would enjoy nothing more than to watch Verden burn.

Brief History

Long is it known that the Dread Lord himself is a master of necromancy unlike any seen in previous Ages. The legends are told by many though his most recent history is lesser known. In the most recent of events, Kelmoran has been trapped within his own phylactery for the better part of the century. While briefly possessing a young wizard by the name of Severos Aven, Galathus has learned that much of the world has changed his entombment. Even with the Verden Inquisition managing to successfully trap him in his own spells, the Dread Lord has plotted the end of many as well as the rising of his own bid for power. Even hidden away, tendril of his darkness have seeped into the lands, his followers heeding the silent call.


Staff of Negative Energy
Mantle of Undeath


Is an archmage of Necromancy School of magic
Considered to be a master of most other schools of magic
Trained in ancient Aeran magicks
While still vulnerable to mistletoe, he has learned to protect against it; it is now much harder for that weakness to be exploited
Possesses control over The Fade, a realm of being between life and death


He fears his Final Death
He fears any who wields Angur, Mystical Blade of Justice
While he does possess protections against mistletoe, he is still fatally weak against it; it is an anathema to his existence

Favorite Sayings or Quotes

I will bring a new Age to the land… One with darkness unbound!

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Image of Galathus Kelmoran
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