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Summary: He is a nice easy going guy who had never left his farm and wants to meet new people'

Waater thea Field

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Gender: Male

Age: 17

Group: Commoners


Timber Crag, deep in the snowy back mountains


Drop --- nick name



At the starting time since waater was just of the age 3 he has always had the darkest and blackest of hair that locked from the top to the bottom growing his hair since he was of the age 7. He cut it half off. He is a dark skinned human of the height of 6'1 his eyes as red as blood yet calm as the river. Waater usually wares a bear pelt jacket and leather type pants.


Waater cares for all life: mountain farm boy he has come to appreciate life and every other aspect that comes with it including death. He enjoys animals. They come to him in times of need so waater is kind. He enjoys learning more then anything and solving problems that he has never seen or tried or herd of so he is curios soul .

Brief History

When waater was of the age of the age of 2 his mom had left his dad in order to do something of importance he was never told what; or where she was going after she left she left waater never seen or herd his moms voice again . Afterwards Waater and his dad were left alone: Flash forward some years, Waater is 14; his dad is very ill and passes away leaving waater alone; of his upcoming age waater is left alone on the farm in the snowy mountains as it is all his mom and dad left him. As a few more years pass waater is 17 and decides to leave his farm in search of his mom and to learn and see the world beyond the mountains.


A mysterious bo staff found in the attic of the farm waater had grew up in . It is purple with wording he can't read.

He has two bright red chopsticks that were left by his mom in a box witch two flying red creatures pictured on the front .


waater has the abilities to sense danger coming like a voice is whispering in his ear helping him but only some times; he can see father then the average eye can. waater grew up in the mountains so naturally he is stronger and faster then most average people because he honed his strength in the mountains alone to survive.


Hates bugs and dislikes vegetables strongly dislikes chicken and birds hates big body's of water and anything that smells like copper.


Favorite Sayings or Quotes

Don't fear the storm it will lead you to where you need to be is what dad said

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