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Summary: The Elven Queen seeking the bring about the end of the Kingdoms of men.

The Iron Queen

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Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Group: Lords/Ladies


Origin is unknown


Queen of the Elves


An Elven Lady of remarkable beauty and grace. Her long hair the color of white gold and her eyes as deep and dark as twilight.

As elven monarchs go she considered quite young ( Early Twenties by human standards ) Her expressions are often melancholy her lips ever a sad smile.

The while her beauty is without question her most noteworthy flaw is her hands. The palms of which appear to have been badly scarred and burned leading many to suspect her origins to be from the nation of Zatar where burning of the hands is a common punishment for Elven slaves and criminals.

Brief History

The Iron Queen only just appeared on the world stage just under a decade ago when she proved her bloodline and assumed the role of Queen of the Kingdoms of Eldar and Ruler over all of the Elven peoples.

Perhaps what has surprised the majority of observers has been that to date none of the remaining Elven Lords nor the Noble Bloodlines have seen fit to challenge her claims to the throne. Furthermore while the rumors of the young Queen paint her as being one of the great elven beauty’s of our day there has been no news of her being courted by any of the known Elven Lords nor has she been rumored to have a consort.
What has followed the crowning of the Iron Queen over the past decade has been a mass exodus of the elven peoples to her realm from across the known lands. Enslaved and freemen alike, it has been reported that entire populations of elves and half-elves have disappeared overnight known to have departed eastward to the domains of the newly crowned elven Queen.

To date the most vocal opponent of the Elven Queen has been the Prince’s of Zatar who view her as a threat to their sovereignty as well as objecting to the sanctuary she provides to runaway elven slaves within her domain.


** See " The Iron Crown "

Favorite Sayings or Quotes

" For the sons of Men there can be no forgiveness nor quarter given. They must be exterminated down to the last man, woman, and child. As they have done so now shall we..."

"Heavy is the Crown upon the head of the Iron Queen. Red are the tears she cries for the children she has lost..."

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Image of The Iron Queen
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