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Summary: The Knights of Incarius

Burning Knights

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Gender: Male and Female

Age: Varies

Group: Monsters/Threats


Church of the Golden Flame


The Purified
The Scorched
Burning Knights


They are many different races, however they have now become scorched undead.

They wear burnt steel armour, embers fly off of them, their eyes and the insides of their mouths are flaming. Wounds and scars reveal fiery insides with charcoal black bones.


They wish to purify the world, burn everything, as well to enforce the will and orders of Incarius.

Brief History

They are people who were seduced by Incarius promise to reform the world, they went through a serve ritualistic burning that turned them into burning undead.


They wear burn steel armor that contains their burning bodies. They are matched with flaming crossbow, a flaming longsword, two daggers, and large steel sheilds.


They are very skilled in in combat, horseback riding, and archery.
They can summon flames and burn thing with their touch.
They are immune to holy attacks and fire.


They fear Soularous and his family, they fear Incarius
Demonic powers, magic, and weapons. They can die if their brains and heart is destroyed.

Favorite Sayings or Quotes

"From Ash will we rise, from embers we will be blessed, from your holy fire ae will purify the world. Come to purify this corrupted land, by the will of our Great Lord, Incarius" -Their Prayer

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Image of Burning Knights
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