Image of Princess Monique Bellamy Hofstadt-Okigwe

Summary: Princess Monique, the woman who will change the world.

Princess Monique Bellamy Hofstadt-Okigwe

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Gender: Female

Age: 23

Group: Lords/Ladies


The Kingdom of Aelmere and the innovation it breeds.


Her Royal Highness, Princess of Aelmere


Princess Monique is a strikingly beautiful young woman, her skin a soft sheet of almond, with her father's chestnut eyes and her mother's dark golden locks, she is often fancied by whoever might lay eyes upon her. Despite her beauty, however, Monique can rarely be held down long enough for it to be admired, as she is always on the move, and is often spotted in attire seemingly more suitable for subterfuge than Princessly affairs.


The princess suffers from what those knowledgeable have taken to dubbing "Kight Princess Disorder", a joke in that she would much rather be stomping boots on the ground in some alley than anywhere near the royal manor. Monique, above all else, though, has noted the potential in the innovation the Third Aelmerian Rennisance might bring the people, and rather than political intrigue and court games would rather take her place as an asset of the young peoples of the future, Prince Charming be damned.

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Favorite Sayings or Quotes

"I'm the Princess, I can do whatever I want, right?"

"You obviously don't see what I see here."

"This will change everything!"

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