Image of Madam Esmerelda

Summary: Soothsayer of The Breezy Top Carnival

Madam Esmerelda

Gender: female

Age: 30

Group: Sorcerers/Sorceress


Breezy Top Carnival


Soothsayer of the Breezy Top Carnival



Long Red hair with blonde tips, green eyes, pale skin thing body


Talks mystical when doing her show but otherwise fairly normal

Brief History

As a child she learned she could see things that would come to be, and as a filterless youth would tell people their fates before they happened scaring people away from her. In her teens she ran away and joined up with The Breezy Top Carnival.


Crystal Ball
Oracle Deck
Bones and tea leaves to tell fortunes


Seeing the future


Seeing impossible futures

Sand worms

Favorite Sayings or Quotes

"Come in, allow Madam Esmerelda to tell your future."

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Image of Madam Esmerelda
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