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Summary: Lady Sainte

Emilia Sainte

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Gender: Female

Age: Appears 23(152)

Group: Lords/Ladies


Her son

Currently Incarius and the Nameless


Lady Sainte

Mother of Draken


Normal human with elfish ancestry.
Emilia stands 5'4 in height. She has a shapely figure, which she wears silver robes that cover much of her body. She has silver colored hair and grey eyes, with fair skin.


Emilia is soft spoken, very friendly and kind. She loves her son nore than anything. She is a bit native but proud.
She usually wants to help others.

Brief History

Emilia was the cousin of Thalia and came from the Sainte family. Emilia lost her mother at a young age and was raised by her father. When she was older, she fell in love with a man named Tyronn Cartagan and the twonwere to be married, however Soularous ruined their relationship and instead Emilia gave birth to a son, Draken. In her fear she escaped to Verden where she was burned at the stake. Incarius saved her from the flames and converted her into anoart celestial to aid him in his efforts and to help Tyronn.


She doesn't use any weapons


She has great healing abilities and magic. She also has Cyromancy like her father.


She wants to be freed from the Nameless

She's afraid to harm her child

She is breaking free from the Nameless slowly.

Favorite Sayings or Quotes

"My beloved son"

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