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Summary: Self proclaimed wise man.

Asher Willowbranch

Gender: Male

Age: early 40's probably

Group: Commoners







tall man with long rust brown hair side burns and goatee and pierced floppy ears, hairy arms and chest cow like facial features. Patched pants, orange waist sash several times repaired coat. blue open shirt,


Laid back, bisexual but prefers women or feminine people. Cocksure.


Brief History

Asher is a much like man around town. A ton of his past seems like its fabricated to some degree. He claimed to have killed a wyrm with a single arrow. He also claims to know who 'really' runs the country and its not who you think. Another outrageous story is he claims to have bested the 'Mole King' in combat.


Bo staff
Herb pouch.


Smooth talker.
Well like
Heavy weight drinker.
Always knows what to say.


A bad trip.
not having drink.
never meeting the one. (though he's not looking quite yet)

Favorite Sayings or Quotes

none. Wip

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Image of Asher Willowbranch
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