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Summary: The King in Blue


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Gender: Male

Age: 6000+

Group: Lords/Ladies


The Abyss/The Nine Hells
Allied with his brother
Father of Draken


Demon Lord
The King in Blue
The Blue King
The Lord of Obsidian


Greater Demon
In his true form he appears as a 12 ft tall humanoid. He has golden eyes with dragon like pupils. He has long, snow white hair that goes down his back. He has three pairs of horns that grow around his head like a crown, however the middle pair of horns are the largest. His mouth is filled with sharp, white fangs.
He has a muscular build, covered in battle scars, his skin being a pasty white. His hands are blackened claws. On his back two black, skeletal wings with blue flames for the wing flaps can appear. He can be seen wearing blue armor with faces of distorted faces or wearing a large blue and gold robe.

His avatars appear as a pale teifling with a smaller version of his large pair of horns and shorter white hair. They are usually 6 to 7 ft in height, and have an athletic build.


He can be a charismatic and charming man to his lovers, a friendly and benevolent lord to his friends and allies, a cruel and ruthless tyrant to his enemies. In reality he is really protective of his followers and family, having extreme loyalty to his blood. However he can have a temper if pushed the wrong way.
His main goal is to ascend to godhood, however he has a second goal to help his family and friends reach the same fate or somewhere close to his mission.

Brief History

Soularous himself has always been seen as an ominous figure, a being a great evil and destruction, however that is not so true. He has walked on the world many times, either by avatar or physically. However the last time he arrived physically was a long time ago and endedwith him fightingin a large war, so he mostly used avatars to visit the world. During his second to last visit he met a woman who would be the mother of Draken, on his last visit he did a favor for his brother. Now he is stuck in the Abyss, waiting to walk the world once agian, and something tells him that this time he won't have a problem staying. He also has a connection to the King in White, which is a ancient bring lost through history, probably an old god that has also disappeared.


Armor of Souls- His armor he wears is a powerful armor where nothing can cut through it, expect for holy weapons, and being immune to almost any magical attack, besides holy magic.

The Sword of Blue- His sword is known for its powerful abilities, able to cut through anything and being unbreakable. It can absorb magic and reflect it back, expect for holy power. It can only be wielded by those of his blood.


Soularous is a powerful warrior, skilled in numerous forms of combat, may it be on horse back, may it be against one or many, he is skilled for any combat situation.
He also has the ability to possess people and turn them into his avatars, who only have a portion of his full power. In his true form he has a powerful presence that a non mage could sense in a 100 ft radius and a mage could sense in a 300 ft radius. His presence could come in many ways, as powerful and destructive, as dark and evil, or as kind and passionate, as holy and sacred.
He can also use all types of pyromancy, and lighting magics. He also can alter some properties of items, people, and places.
He has a powerful healing factor, allowing him to heal wounds that would be fatal, in a matter of minutes. He can absorb magics and use them, expect for holy powers and he can only use as much that he absorbed.


He fears losing his brother, he fears losing his throne, he fears losing everything he has worked so hard for. He used to fear the gods, but that fear has slowly fade away
He is weaken by holy magics and can be banished to the Abyss once he's weak enough. Holy weapons and magics harm him greatly, he can be stopped by holy symbols, holy grounds, or even by extremely great faith of a god. His presence gives him away, and usually ends with him being banished, so he can't hide unless he uses an avatar. His avatars he has don't have his presence but they are much weaker and only last for a month before they slowly turn into ash due to his power. They weaken over time, becoming frail and easy to destroy.
He must get help from the other side in order to gain an avatar through a ritual or opening a portal allowing him to enter in his true form.

Favorite Sayings or Quotes

"I will ascend, no matter what, in order to fix the world that they abandoned."

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Image of Soularous
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