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Summary: A Weapons Master of understanding and chivalry

Jeke Kerron

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Gender: Male

Age: 41

Group: Knights/Warriors


Affiliated with a loosely-connected group known as Weapons Masters.

Jeke is also has done work around the lands, and has some loyalties to the Kingdom of Aelmere and Verden, with merchant ties in Zatar


Human ex-soldier, renowned Weapons Master


Jeke has dark brown hair and light hazel eyes. His body is scarred from the numerous battles against mundane and magical foes. One particular scar twists darkly across his upper left breast.


He has developed many different hobbies between wars and other battles to keep himself human. He quite enjoys farming, and can easily wile away a day fishing or stalking deer. Has tried pottery, but he does not do the best creations; they are however, functional.

Whittling wood in camp has eventually grown into an interest in woodcraft. While he knows some woods are useful for magic, he prefers to use nature around him.

He is kind to many, always quick to greet and perhaps willing to buy a pint. Jeke sees much of the good of the world in the simple life around him, a thing he sees too often lost on a battlefield. He is also a firm believer of what is right. He holds to honor when he can, knowing he must though regretting when he must abandon it. And one can sincerely hear him give a vow.

Brief History

Jeke Kerron was born on the Aelmere/Sarnia border, in wild woodland miles from any town. The Kerrons were simple folk that had gotten away from everything, choosing to live in a wooden hut built by Hal Kerron himself.

He would live in this simple world of farming, hunting, and chore doing with content, actually believing when he thought that this was life.

Upon his 11th birthday, Jeke had come home from a hunt to a silent hut. Inside, both parents slaughtered upon the furs of the ground. He never did recall how long he sat there, only that a dwarf appeared shortly thereafter and took the now orphan Kerron away from his home.

The dwarf was Tolkyn, a Weapons Master who knew who had killed the boy's parents; he was tracking them, foul agents of a dark master that had eluded him for some time. Though unsure that he should bring a young child with him on his quest, Jeke proved to stubborn to be persuaded from vengeance.

At 20, he finally mastered his first weapon, a bastard sword. He had been trained under Tolkyn all the time, now bloodied from his first fights and first kill. He had begun to understand the art of killing, with mastering of the sword being a sign to Tolkyn that he was ready to study magic.

Tolkyn left him at Miekrannis College in the Kingdom of Aelmere for only two years, but it gave him enough time to learn some battle magic. Through the years, he would develop his own battle techniques, sometimes falling back on an old form to break a monotonous duel. But it proved enough time to be able to slay his parents killers upon the Silver Mountain.

Jeke found the pain did not end there, only time would heal it. With his quest finished, he and Tolkyn often took jobs across the nations; helping with simple matters of towns here, mulling over wine with princes and lords other times. Kerron learned much in his travels, making many acquaintances, several friends, and legions of enemies, all of which he has come to accept.


Helios (Sunsword Bastard Sword)

*His Master's weapons
A frostband shortsword (Ice)
A firebrand shortsword (Fire)

Chain [i]mithríl[/i] shirt
Leather armor
A green-gray travel cloak with a deep cowl

Often carries a bow and quiver of twenty arrows.
Two daggers
One boot knife

Travel pack and singular tent for long journeys.

Barrel, his Zatarian horse


Is a master of both long and short sword. He is very proficient in other common weapons.

Has a sturdy frame from countless days training and fighting. He has a good endurance, able to keep his breath against powerful foes.

Possesses some magic.

Has devoted a fair bit of time to hobbies over the years. He knows how to farm, and has picked up woodcraft and masonry with ease. He has know-how around a mine from a time or two and can easily make bows and fletch arrows.


Some combat wounds were deep, others magical. Every now and then, they flair up in extreme pain. It could be the weather or stress that causes him pain.

One scar in particular is a weak spot in his pain tolerance. Isgil, The Wrathful had used a morgul blade to cut his chest. On the 15 of every March, he feels the dark blade pierce through him once more, sapping his strength and leaving him ill.

Numerous battles have begun to take its toll on Jeke, drawing nightmares from some encounters. Not very often, but quite alarmingly, these nightmare spells happen during his waking hours, plunging his view to the horrors of a time. This often happens at something that triggers just a hint of what happened.

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