A Dark Path - Prt 03

Ursa Blacksong - 95rd of Autumn YSTR 112

“There are some losses we never get over.


Ursa gave the Wizard her thanks and rushed home not stopping until she had reached the chest in her room and the secret compartment within that held the scared tomes and texts of her Order that she guarded with her life.

Collecting the plain black leatherbound book from the bottom she quickly thumbed through its pages until at last, she found what she sought. A map of the known realms and there recorded upon it the locations of all known holy sights of the Black Order to include temples, libraries, and more importantly, the Black Orders ancient burial sites.

Her finger traced the old road north on the map until she found the “Temple of the Lake’ like the Wizard had said and still further north along the ancient road lay a Requiem named the Vale of Sunset.

“And there it is…?” Ursa offered softly.

And there beside the name was a corresponding rune used as a reference marked upon the map just above the site letting her know that somewhere in the Black Order’s Book of the Dead that she could discover whatever artifact of the Order lay secretly interned there.

Ursa signed softly and frowned.

A Requiem was bad enough but a Requiem as a resting place for some ancient artifact was never a good thing in her opinion.

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