What to look out for.

Nate, Leo, and Mathias looked at each other.

"Well..." Leo said thinking. "Depends where we are. But..." he looked to Mathias to see if he could give the go ahead.

Mathias took the lead. "Well, firstly you got giant scorpions. Though long as the caravan is big enough they don't bother use to awful much. Might be big but their brains are small, they tend to think we're something big."

"Then we got what some folks call 'nights skitters' basically pug sized lizards, those aren't a threat unless you mess with'em or take their eggs." Mathias said.

"Don't forget about the deathworms," Nate added.

"I hadn't." Mathias said. "Deathworms big mean things, though they only live in the center of this desert so you don't need to worry. Too much rock under the sand here they can't get around." he explained. "Otherwise mostly just the common rabble. Bandits, and their ilk." he shrugged. "You'll do fine long as you don't try and cross it alone."

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