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Summary: A half breed trying to find his place in the crazy world

Jack Nahemah

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Gender: Male

Age: 21

Group: Sorcerers/Sorceress


Officially he was raised on the outskirts in a monster infested forest.


Adept Mage


Half Human/Half Incubus
See pic
Looks like a human


Jack is an easy going kind of guy who loved his mother even though she adopted him. He is curious about the outside world and his mother prepared him as best as she could. He puts on a smile to avoid trouble as he learns as he goes.

Brief History

Jack was born a human infant boy who was put on a small raft and sent down river for an unknown reason. He was found by a female Succubi from Balen named Aello Nahemah, who tried to save him, but his life was near its end due to being unhealthy. To save his life she absorbed him and made herself pregnant so he could be born again as her own son. By having a child she could avoid having to drain men till he reached the age of 21, then she would need to leave Jack or risk draining him dry. Aello loved Jack and pampered him with love. She was thrilled to find he had an affinity for all spheres of magic as she tried to slowly train him to use magic over the years as well as educating him with books and kingdom info. Unfortunately despite being a prodigy with a wide affinity for magic, he found he had to have contact in order to make it work. So in the end he could only use his magic as an Adept mage. So he could make barriers on himself, adjust his body and so on. Since his mom, Aello made him eat all manner of poisonous creatures he built up an immunity to poisons. His education continued till his 21st Birthday, when he found himself alone in the house. When he got up to look around he found a rather long note that told him he was a man now and to save his life she would need to leave him. She also mentioned he had other siblings much older than him scattered around the world. She left him a trunk with items to get him started on his new life. The ended the note with her heartfelt love for him and hoped he would make her proud if they ever met again. Jack took up the trunk and collected the contents and took the map Aello provided him to find his future. Sadly what he learned was rather outdated so he comes off clueless about people and locations.


Black leather armor
Black leather cloak
1 bag of coins
1 bastard sword
1 long dagger


Martial Arts
Swordsmanship: Sword and long dagger style
Adept Magic: Can cast any magic through contact only. Can enhance himself with magic with no problem.
Immune to poisons.
Can read magic circles.
Charm: Is charming to some females in a "Cute" manner


Ignorant of the outside world due to being sheltered.
Flaw: His magic dissipates after leaving his body. He can make elemental armor but can't shoot elemental magic balls.
Does not have many Incubi traits except some charm.

Favorite Sayings or Quotes

So that's how it is.....

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Image of Jack Nahemah
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