Small Talking Again

Nate gave a small nod, "Got a wife and two kids back in a small village in Karavoss." he said. "Miss them something awful."

Leo grinned. "Got a few girls in a few towns. Nothing serious." he nodded fake polishing his finger nails against his shoulder.

"Engaged." Mathias said, "Surprised she puts up with me going on this long trips. But once I save up enough I'm gonna buy us a far, and put down roots."

"And don't worry to much about social skills. You're hitting the target so far. Plenty of people in this little found family have come from about the same as you, you'll learn just talk to some others meet people, and you'll do fine." Mathias assured him.

Jack smirked at the replies he got were not quite what he was expecting. Well to be honest he figured they would all be more like Leo with several girlfriends all around. Jack replied, "Uh,..thanks. So it sounds like you guys have a lot of experience at a lot of things. So what kind of combat have you all encountered? I am a bit curious what to expect at this job and maybe anything else if I change jobs in the future." Jack had a nervous laugh as he rubbed his head hoping to get a positive response.


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