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Summary: Real Doctor


Gender: Female

Age: Looks 30-40 (actually 80)

Group: Merchants




Sage, Alchemist, Doctor


Race: Unknown.

Very tall, very thin. Grayish skinned woman with elf-like ears, cow like horns and tail. Legs seem slightly too long. Not quite notable on a passing glance but looking to long at her she seems like a wolpertinger (German taxidermy monster). Her clothes are . Whites turned gray, blacks fading. the newest things she has seem to the her coat and pouches and her shows and stockings.


Methodical slow talker who values science and sense over the spiritual and unfounded

Brief History

A local healer for those who want effective treatment and not ineffective primitive spiritual hogwash.


Two pouches, one filled with medical and research tools, one filled with ingredients


Talented medical professional who doesn't subscribe to leeches and other nonsensical wishwash.


to be added.

Favorite Sayings or Quotes

none atm

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Image of Prespa
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