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Summary: His crimes mark him


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Gender: Male

Age: 45? (2000+)

Group: Knights/Warriors


From an old kingdom that existed where Sarnia is now
The Greater Good


The Metal Man
Killer of Kuz
Cold steel


Underneath all his mechanical armor that appears like a knight, he is a legless goblin missing an eye, a majority of the left side of his chest and left arm. His lower jaw has been replaced with a metal piece. He has smaller mechanical parts attached to his body so he can detach himself from the armor and still move around.


Tech is a good hearted man, however he is very stubborn; once he thinks something must be done, he will do whatever it takes to damn well do it. While he can seem harsh and logical, he is a kind and gentle man who just happens to have a lot of emotional, mental, and physical scars.

Brief History

After being released for his crimes, Tech became a bounty hunter, however he only took certain jobs that hunted more vile people, and would kill those who were vile and attempted to hire him. He looks for the Box and Kuz's protégé he lost saw in Warfall, for forgiveness and to do what is truly right.


Long sword

Mechanical crossbow in his arms, with grappling hooks.


He is highly intelligent, able to build great machines, traps, and plans.

He is also skilled in swordsmanship, hand to hand combat, and archery


Fears the Heartless
Suffers from PTSD
Is a bit blunt

Favorite Sayings or Quotes

"I've seen good men become monsters."

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Image of Tech
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