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Summary: The Wise One

Enanth Stormcrow

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Gender: Male

Age: 50 (200)

Group: Sorcerers/Sorceress



Formerly a seneschal to Queen Thalia of the Dalen Magocracy

Loyal to compatriots and his students


First Circle Mage of Dalen (defunct)
Headmaster of Miekrannis College (currently defunct)

The Wise One



Tall with graying hair, slightly wizened face.

Usually wears long flowing robes befitting his station as a wizard.


Enanth is usually calm and collected, possessing an understanding of people. More than well aware of the potential for disaster in concerns to magic and applications of magic, Enanth usually remains reserved until it is necessary to cast magic. Unlike most mages, he does not believe that magic is a means to power but merely a tool that is neither good nor evil. This view extends to the Necromancy school of magic.

In his interests, he enjoys a great deal of different literature of different origins, from the somber and long-winded odes and poems of the dwarven authors to the beautiful, yet precise stories of the elves. For it is true that power can be found in words, and words are the songs of the individual.

When it comes to teaching magic, he is rather patient and forward thinking. He continues to seek potential, to groom people for greatness that he sees in so many.

The toll of the past century has certainly affected his humors in the past decade. He seems to be somber, as if pained by the past. He still gives a warm smile and logical advice.

Brief History

Born in Haven in -78 YSTR, Enanth Stormcrow was born into a turbulent time. The Verden Kingdom had, more than once, threatened to wage war upon the kingdom of Dalen. In his time, it was no different. It was not until he had fully graduated and entered into service of the Circle of Mages as a Fifth Circle Mage that the true repercussions of misused magic was witnessed. The terror raised by the infamous Galathus Kelmoran had brought an end to whatever peace could be had by peaceful words.

When the inner circle began to divide itself between wielding power for the greater good and wielding it for personal gains, Enanth sided with the greater good.

Eventually, powermongers were expelled from the Circle and order restored amongst the mages. But with the war between the two kingdoms, Enanth, now matured with age, knowledge, and experience, fears once more that destruction of knowledge will happen and the perversion of power.

Enanth has long been a man suited for open pastures and was often found exactly there in his travels. Often called during his adventures as the Wise One, he would sit writing in his journals as other adventurous individuals came through. His advice was often insightful, his magic swift against those who did not like him enough. Across much of young Verden he did travel, though it is not what it was now. The Wise One was also found in some tales of this time, and of course what he chooses to tell, to be active in many turbulent areas. Some tales say he was the one who who brokered a deal between two faeries that saved Bramblewood Forest. He himself has described his fight with the dragon Minniuk, a battle that still leaves its scar upon the Dalen Alps forever smoldering. Many of the tales are exaggerated until his admission into the Fourth Circle. His quick rise to rank was due to his knowledge and experience, coupled with the harsh training of magic. His admission into the Circle only swelled the vast knowledge of Dalen itself. He himself sought after the oldest knowledges and the recent renaissance of magical thinking seemed to be success, yet the mages all say he seems to hold back much more.

Enanth knows exactly what they suspect. He is a wizard whose true training was in the Aeran methods. And they would be correct. He witnessed the vast power of Galathus Kelmoran, Dread Lord Mal Kelmoran himself, grow out of control. And like him, the limitless potential awaits those who know the older magics. Enanth however, chose not to contest the lich. Instead, he focused on keeping Dalen from erupting into civil war as the Verden Inquisition finally dispatched Kelmoran.

His magic is well known as an abjuer, skill devised from the Mage War and honed by constant reflexes. During the skirmish at Haven, Verden battle clerics found much of their spells dissipated. Enanth proved his worth as a battle mage many a time afterwards. Though strong in martial prowess, Verden soldiers were forced to retreat by unopposed spells raining upon. Though battle was never his want, the many that he had changed the tale to the Wise One. Now he was a mage that was soft spoken, his glance death if you tried to make him greet it, and willing to still give that advice. It was enough to catch his ear, a month before the war's end. The stories now no longer were jovial, many people now using fable to fight. He was now a terror.

The very notion disturbed him. He refused to partake as a battle mage after the end, taking to teaching and preservation of the Dalen Archive. Even then, it was not the escape he had hoped. Every year, more and more land was lost to the crown and was made home to terrors and the power-hungry. He, Soran Vorrask, and several younger apprentices were not the first to leave the doomed magocracy but they preserved much when they chose to. Stealing away into the night-shaded countryside by flight of magic, his small group took a great deal of literature and works of the arcane.

This exodus would serve to be the foundation of Enanth's greatest contribution to the world, the enchanted and wonderous Miekrannis College open to all to those who would wish to learn the Art. Here, for much of the century he worked. Aelmere was welcoming of the influx of wealthy patrons that flocked to learn magic and once more the Art was questioned, pushed, and respected in many dizzying ways. Enanth would be a staunch protector of magical rights and laws concerning the application of magic in the lands of Aelmere, advocating fair use and regulated regiments for safety of both citizen and mage. Of course, he was no stranger to politics but found making headway in the Aelmerian monarchy to be stubbornly slow; Miekrannis College and himself would be the image of debate for many on whether or not magic would be safe in such large numbers and in such diversity.

Despite this, it was Miekrannis-trained mages that supported the independence of Aelmere and Sarnia during their revolution against Timber Crag in the waning years of the War of the Two Kingdoms. It was his teaching that afforded not only competent mages but teachers as well. Mages were tolerated between the two kingdoms after the fall of Timber Crag as a result, many finding work between the two kingdoms and even Zatar.

Enanth's dream and vision would be destroyed in 110 YSTR, January of the 20th. Miekrannis College burned and with it, many of the students and knowledge contained within. Even the loss of Dalen's remaining artefacts saw only to add to the chaos of that night, of which Enanth seemed distraught over. He was personally wounded, having faced a newer, unexpected form of magic during the razing of the college. Forced to flee, he disappeared completely to many eyes.

Enanth had retreated to places unknown but once more has been seen amongst the lands. The Wise One seems to have some extra lines upon his tired face, but his appearance in this time of troubles is one of exhausted but stalwart defiance to not only death but perhaps even fear.


Statue of Leomund's Chest
i Six sets of fine robes and clothing
i Staff of Protection
i Staff of Fire
i Staff of the Magi
i Twenty pounds of Longbottom Leaf
i "Mysterious And Amazing Creatures! (And Where They Dwell)" by Straut Hothgaard
i "Dragons: Dovah" by Paarthurnax
i Five Novice Spell Books
i Three Apprentice Spell Books
i One and a half personal, copied Spell Books
i A Phoenix feather

Galan (mithril longsword of Dalen forgery)
Gnarled Wooden Staff of Power
Personal Spellbook
Spell Component Pouch
Holly Wand


Master Abjurer of the Abjuration school of magic

Master Enchanter of the Enchantment school of magic

Well versed in multiple schools of magic

Possesses working, medicinal, and magical knowledge of creatures, plants, and animals.

Skilled in martial fighting with swords and staves


He fears the loss of all knowledge of the Art. The loss of such an important staple of Aeran would be an apocalypse.

He fears the greater Abyssal creatures located in the Abyss, notably the Aboleth and the Marilith. He truly fears of the Old Ones that reside in the Abyss' deepest blackness, willing to stop their return at any cost and ensuring such knowledge is kept out of reach of those who cannot understand such things.

He fears not heights but the sensation of falling for long periods of times.

Favorite Sayings or Quotes

Only a fool challenges magic without magic.

Many have stood where you stand and have thought that same. Four hundreth time the charm, then?

Power is only held by those responsible. Those who are responsible hold the power.

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