Joint Post with Thaen

((Heiligtum, Varland))

Aldous gave Enanth a look. “Like I said. I’m still puzzling out this matter. I don’t have any suspects, motive or even how they managed to get in,” he said, swirling another shot around the glass. “Umeffaeh would have had to have at the very least trusted them.” Aldous added. “But I wasn’t on the grounds when it happened. I might have been his familiar, but when you summon a sentient creature with will like me the leash is quite long. And I am only privy to what he allows me to know. Now I will answer one more question from you, but then I must ask you to take your leave for the evening as I must tend to the young Miss Aggie and prepare for the next steps,” he said, taking the final drink and awaiting his answer.

Enanth looked to the tiefling, noticing details in his speech. Aldous continuously looked to his glass. He also did not reveal anything on how Umeffaeh died, which was odd. He raised his head a bit. "You said that it was unexpected for you, that you are puzzling this out..." Enanth stood from his chair and walked around the room. He noticed the door in the hallway was closed. His old friend's lab, of no doubt. He wondered what answers lay there but turned back to Aldous. "Yet, you have not told me how he died. From what was said, he died attempting to cast a spell to summon something or someone he did not have power for."

His mind focused on another detail. "Even familiars have an innate bonding to those who summon them, even if they themselves do not wish it entirely... And I know why Umeffaeh chose you. What did you sense, I wonder?"


Impatiently waiting for Aldous to return and worried what might be taking him so long, Aggie finally could take it no longer and crept up the stairs. She readied her best attack spell and then quietly opened the door to the main floor of the grand house that was now hers. In the parlour room, down the hall, came the sound of voices. She could hear Aldous speaking to someone in a subdued manner. Was it Joce and Rhys? Even Sunder come to look in on her? Or was it someone or something else?

Reengaging the magical locking mechanisms, Aggie shut the door behind her and stepped noiselessly on the fine Nobarandi carpet through the hallway, craning her ear to listen so she could make out the conversation that was taking place.

Enanth stared at Aldous, the corner of his eye just catching the door slightly opening and closing. Yet he focused on Aldous, as the tiefling stood with a strong spine. "What is it that he did, Aldous? And why is it you are so keen on hiding this? Come, speak! What has you disturbed so that you hide away Ms. Pending for your own quest?" he asked, applying a bit of force in his voice that was rarely needed and even rarely used. Still, something was wrong with Aldous' posture in how he spoke to him.

Aldous narrowed his eyes at the man commanding him. "I never said anything about summoning. Where did he you get that from?" he started, looking deeper into Enanth's eyes. "Again. I have nothing to give you. He was researching something and someone didn't like it, or they used him to finish a spell they couldn't suss out. I don't know. I was only just beginning to put this together."

Crossing his arm and staring deep into Enanth's soul, Aldous continued, "You seem awful keen on knowing what he was up to." The demon cocked an eyebrow. "Strange that you'd show up right after he's in the ground, out of the blue, 'shocked' that he's gone and asking so many questions. Like you already know everything you need to know. Someone like me could get the impression you killed him." Aldous leaned into Enanth's ear. "Would take a lot of balls for you to come back here asking questions to try and get into his lab." Smiling but still in his ear. "I know you know what I really am. And I know you know how powerful that means I can be, so consider your tone."

"Do not bandy such words with me, Aldous," Enanth spoke seriously at this, straightening to his full height. "And do not take me for a conjurer of tricks and deceit. Umeffaeh was an adept divinist, one who could have revealed the secret agents of destruction that I search for… the very ones who destroyed Miekrannis. You warned me thusly. I warn against whatever dark notion you possess."

He stared directly at him, knowing his power and the tiefling. He believed that should it come to a fight, Enanth himself would most likely be victorious. But Aldous had been part of Umeffaeh's inner life for a very long time and knew every spell the wizard had ever cast and laid down. Perhaps the spells of previous masters too. And Enanth knew of the dweomers that lay in the manse. He was well aware of what could happen if Aldous truly believed him to be an enemy. It was a fight neither truly needed.

Of course, Enanth was observant still. And he knew someone was listening. It almost certainly was young Aggie Pending, the scion of the Pending name, and an up-and-coming mage of definite skill. From her time at the College, she was an adept, well on her way to gaining her tenure as a journeyman when she left for home, a mere month before the College was razed. She was perhaps one of the few of Miekrannis he actually knew to still be alive.

Two years had passed and Aggie was not the starry-eyed apprentice she once was. From where he could see her, the shadows of the hall cloaked her fairly well. But he could see her just enough to know. It had to be her.

Aldous was rather annoyed at Enanth for his words and was setting down his drink when the former grandmaster spoke again, this time quietly. "Caution yourself, my friend. We are watched. Let us not quarrel in front of the lady of the house."

The tiefling had a flash of something pass through his eyes that he hid rather well. Aldous may have been annoyed but he put upon himself a mask so professionally, Enanth was surprised by the change of emotion. With a turn, he beheld the scion of Pending.

Aldous returned his attention to Enanth. “I agree, and with respect I realize you lost a dear friend and want answers. I do understand that. However the young Miss lost her father, and inattentive as he might have been at times, he was still her father. I assure you I am investigating everything that occurred. Retracing his steps and events that lead to this tragedy, I will let you know information as I myself learn of it, and make sense of it all. I just ask you to take your leave for now and return in a few days and we can speak again after the young lady of the house has time to grieve and get herself back in order of a clear head.”

Enanth nodded as much as an affirmative as a hello to Aggie. She stepped slightly into the light, having been seen. The old wizard saw the Weave around her, coiled in a tight knot about her and her hand. Despite seeing the magic, he smiled gently at her. "Of course," Enanth finally said.

He gathered his staff. "I shall return in three days on the eve. We shall both have answers then. Of this I am sure." He gave a nod to Aldous. As he stepped to the door, he appraised Aggie. "You have grown since I last saw you. I am sorry my dear, truly. My deepest condolences are tempered with the certainty that he did not pass in vain. I hope you understand, Mistress Pending. I shall hope to see you in three days and we can speak then."

Aggie nodded solemnly, wordlessly.

With that, Enanth exited the manse. Three days he had to search for anything that would lead to his answers. He did not want to bring distress with his investigation to poor Aggie. But the questions held a danger that he would not want to befall those two. And he would be damned thrice over if something did happen. With a sure grip on his stafff, he set off for the town.

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