Dark Revelations. Pt3

“Listen Aggie, we need to do more research, find answers before we go ru…” Aldous cut himself off mid-sentence. His head cocking upward like a dog that just heard something. His eyes narrowed, slowly reaching down he gingerly picked up the book, tucking it back into the hidden pocket of his robe. With a snap of his fingers again the tell tale outline of a book vanished.

“What… what is it?” Aggie said, suddenly alert.

Aldous slowly approached the stairwell and seemed to listen for a moment. “Aggie. Stay. Here.” he ordered her like a child. but something in his voice seemed abnormally on edge for him.

“Is there someone in the house upstairs? An intruder?”

“No, a visitor at the door. But whoever it is knocked on the alarm, not the door. They mean to make themselves known.”

“Only a mage could do that…”

“A mage or a threat,” Aldous said darkly.

The demon stepped back into the basement laboratory and muttered something, making hand symbology that Aggie was unfamiliar with in the air, before pressing two fingers against her forehead. Instantly she felt a surge of magical energy pulse through her. Like a sudden single powerful heart beat. Like after running.

“What was that? What did you just do?” she asked uncertainly.

“Something that should allow you to take ONE hit from any magic spell no matter how powerful, but only one unharmed. Though best not to test it,” he told her. “Now, please, stay here. I have business to attend to.” he said adjusting his robe and climbing the staircase. When he shut the door at the top of the stairs, Aggie could feel the magic lock relock. Making her as safe as Aldous could and warded against intrusive scrying.

Aldous walked through the manor’s stately halls, activating magical defences all along the main foyer. Putting on a welcoming face, he swung open the door to see Enanth standing there. “I am sorry, but the lady of the house is indisposed at the moment. I do ask that you give her appropriate time to grieve.” Then his brow furrowed and his ruby eyes widened in recognition. “Master Enanth! The young miss did not tell me you were at the funeral…”

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